Handmade Pokéball Terrarium, Wooden Stud Earrings, Amigurumi Crochet Kits and more, by Singaporean Etsy Sellers

If there’s one online activity that most of us engage in during the Circuit Breaker, it would probably be online shopping. Although you may already have a list of sites you frequent, what’s the harm of adding one more to your list?

Etsy is a global marketplace for unique and creative goods that have been lovingly handmade and ready for use in your everyday life. While it may be a global platform for creatives all around the world, Etsy does have a strong local presence as well, with many homegrown businesses selling their available goods. Here’s a look at six interesting local shops you can find on Etsy.


A pair of Canvas Avenue Durian earrings for the ultimate king of fruit fan. (Image courtesy of Canvas Avenue)

Canvas Avenue creates delightful designs inspired by nature, animals, and things around us. Set up by owner Wendy Wang, each item listed in her shop is carefully hand made and packed with free shipping from her studio with no minimum spend required. Her items arrive ready-to-gift either in a fabric pouch made of 100% certified eco-friendly material or in a brown Kraft gift box.

Items you can find: Stud Earrings, Glitter Cupcake Toppers, Cake Toppers, Engraved Wood Signs, Pet ID Tags, Matching Shirts, Dogs / Pet Clothing, Baby / Kids Clothes
Price range: $17.79 to $66.61
Delivery: Free


Click here to visit Canvas Avenue on Etsy.


Handmade textile cushion covers from Jezzroom to liven up your interiors. (Image courtesy of Jezzroom)

With a collection of vintage and modern-looking products, Jezzroom offers handmade textile decor as well as sustainably-produced wooden items that aim to liven up your living space. The fabric used for the creation of their linen cushions is sourced from Europe as well as around Asia while their wooden items are sourced from Indonesia.

Items you can find: Teak Wood Items, Bamboo Toothbrushes, Vintage + Linen Pillows, Linen Pillows, Poly Inserts, De-pigmented Pillows
Price range: $16 to $145
Delivery: Free


Click here to visit Jezzroom on Etsy.


Take a peek at life inside a Pokéball with you own Pokémon-themed terrarium lovingly crafted from PalletCraftsByXev. (Image courtesy of PalletCraftsByXev)

For Pokémon fans who have ever wondered how Pokémon lives inside their Pokéball, PalletCraftsByXev helps answer that question with a detailed, pocket monster-themed terrarium. Instead of including real plants inside, the creator and owner hope to offer another way to introduce greenery into your living space with a terrarium that requires no additional maintenance. Lighting is even included in some of her designs for you to admire this fun creation in the night.

Items you can find: Pokéball Terrariums
Price range: $81.59 to $126.09
Delivery: $5.93


Click here to visit PalletCraftsByXev on Etsy.


Crochet your own Amigumuri plush toy right at home using SnacksiesHandicraft’s crochet kit. (Image courtesy of SnacksiesHandicraft)

If you’re looking for a new skill to pick up, you might want to consider trying out crochet where you can create your very own toys! Started by owner Jia, SnacksiesHandicraft offers crochet patterns and kits available in a variety of adorable designs that are easy to follow, especially for those getting started on their first handicraft.

Items you can find: Amigurumi Kits, Amigurumi Patterns, and other Amigurumi supplies
Price range: $2.70 to $35.60
Delivery: Free with minimum $25 purchase


Click here to visit SnacksiesHandicraft on Etsy.


You could consider swapping out your cotton face pads for TuneeManee’s reusable ones made out of fabric. (image courtesy of TuneeManee)

Run by founder Sharmeen, TuneeManee is a zero-waste daily essentials company that fuses fabrics and fabric scraps together with creativity, design and colour to create eco-friendly products such as reusable face pads, sandwich bags and utensils pouch. As a seamstress, Sharmeen saves all her fabric scraps and remnants from sewing orders to create the trendy, unique designs that you see in her shop!

Items you can find: Snack Bags, Straw Pouch, Sandwich Wrap, Reusable Face Pads, Reusable Produce Bags, Reusable Face Masks
Price range: $14.82 to $60.81
Delivery: $4.30


Click here to visit TuneeManee on Etsy.


Make your own miniature foods with kits from MiniaturePatisserie. (Image courtesy of MiniaturePatisseries)

Always wanted to make your own miniature food creations? Specialising in dollhouse miniatures, MinaturePatisserie offers supplies and kits for you to try making your own miniatures at home! Apart from the DIY materials, the shop also offers handcrafted products from the owner which includes dollhouse decorations and jewellery made for humans. 

Items you can find: Dollhouse Decor, Dollhouse Food Pastries, Dollhouse Flowers, Dollhouse Plants, Flower Jewellery, Food Jewelry, DIY Kits
Price range: $8 to $200
Delivery: From $4


Click here to visit MiniaturePatisserie on Etsy.


If you’re looking to find more things from local and global creative sellers, visit www.etsy.com.

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