Hotpot Delivery For Two, Perfect For Singles And Couples

Hotpot has been trending since we can’t remember when, maybe because there’s nothing quite as comforting as a pot of nourishing broth, complete with a square meal of meat, seafood, and vegetables. Since Circuit Breaker started though, I haven’t yet experienced that luxury, simply because I don’t live with a big family; there’s only my husband and I living in our house — and seriously, ordering a set for 3 – 4 people for just the two of us would be a little too indulgent.

Sure, you may argue that we could always order for two rounds of meals, and store the leftovers for later consumption, but I do prefer novelty when it comes to my dining choices. Plus, it wouldn’t be as fresh, would it! This one’s for the hotpot lovers then — singles or couples, who may be living on their own, without other household members to “split the pot” with. Cosy up to these steamboat delivery services then, which either offer personal sets, sets for two, or a la carte options!

1. Haidilao Hot Pot

Haidilao Hot Pot offers set meals for two.

Who doesn’t love Haidilao! The popular steamboat restaurant chain is greatly appreciated for its great food quality and above-and-beyond service that includes free manicures, snacks while you’re waiting, and amiable service staff. Good thing is, you won’t have to queue now.

Their set meal for two ($108) includes a double hotpot with two soup bases — chicken, mushroom, seafood, and their popular tomato and sichuan spicy soup are all available. On top of that, a range of meat, seafood and vegetables including: Lotus Root, Sliced Fish, Homemade Soft Fried Beancurd Skin, Tofu Slices, Chicken Slice, Golden Mushroom, Pork Belly, Fresh Tofu and Spinach. To note though: pot and induction cooker renting services are currently not available.

Hotpot Set Meal for 2, $108.
delivery: free delivery islandwide, min. order $98. 30mins – 2 hours within 5km from the 313 branch. order 24 hours in advance if over 5km.

Order online on their website.


2. Hotpot Master

HotPot Master: personal hotpots, part of their Executive Lunch Sets, and the Super Value HotPot set for 2 – 3 pax.

Living alone? Solo living is certainly empowering but may be lonely during this stay-home period, especially if you’ve got nobody to share your hotpot with. Not to fret though. The biggest draw of Hotpot Master is that they offer Executive Lunch Sets (from $28.80) that include personal hotpots! These include options such as shabu chicken, pork, beef, seafood and a vegetarian option, paired with either Superior Collagen or Yang Sheng Mala soup broth. Each set also includes a bento box of vegetables, mushroom and surimi, as well as Japanese rice or ramen, a drink and dessert.

If you do have a partner living with you though, you can opt for the Super Value HotPot set ($68) that serves 2 – 3 people. Here, you’ll find more options for soup bases — including Power Laksa, Herbal Chicken and Cordyceps Flower Mushroom — paired with seafood, meat, handmade fishballs and dumplings, vegetables and mushrooms, noodles, and a signature lemon lime chilli dipping sauce. Particularly enticing ingredients include Gui Fei Abalone Slices, Shabu Pork Collar Slices and Knife Shaved Noodles.

executive lunch set, $28.80 (not available on weekend and PH).
super value hotpot set, $68 (2 – 3 pax).
delivery: islandwide. free for tefal redemption. $30 for one-way delivery. $80 for delivery with set-up service and return collection. order a day in advance.

equipment rental available, from $10.

Order online on their website.


3. Hotpot King

A la carte items from Hotpot King: US Beef Slice, Toman Meat Slice (fish), Specialty Handmade Prawn Paste, Specialty Handmade Pork Mushroom Ball.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy a steamboat for one — or two — would be to set up your own private party. While you can make a quick trip to your nearby supermarket for the ingredients, you may also skip the agonising hunt and order fresh ingredients right to your doorstep! Hotpot King, available on Shopee caters exactly to that need, with quality ingredients processed at certified HACCP and ISO facilities to ensure you get the best. They’re also delivered vacuum-sealed and blast frozen, which guarantees the food’s safety and freshness.

Items you can order include:

  • Soup bases: Japanese Sukiyaki, Japanese Pork Tonkotsu, Korean Kimchi, Sichuan Mala, Japanese Chicken Bai Tang, $8.80 – $9.80
  • US Beef Slice, $12.90
  • Toman Meat Slice (Snakehead), $5.90
  • Speciality Handmade Pork Mushroom Ball, $4.80
  • Specialty Handmade Prawn Paste, $5.50
delivery: islandwide. free delivery for orders $50 and above. expect 2 – 3 days delivery.

Order online on Shopee.

4. The Steamboat Specialist

The Steamboat Specialist lets you order a la carte steamboat items.

The Steamboat Specialist is another one-stop shop that provides all your hotpot favourites from one convenient location, especially useful if you can’t seem to procure them from supermarkets or online grocery websites. Ordering a la carte also means the freedom to choose exactly what you like — we’re looking at you picky eaters — while we can definitely get on board hassle-free deliveries that don’t require us to leave the house. Their quality ingredients are pre-washed and sliced, so you can start cooking and eating immediately. Popular products include fish cakes, fish and sotong balls, spring rolls, dumpling, yong tau fu, ngoh hiang and otah, just to name a few.

Items you can order include:

  • Assorted Yong Tau Fu (10pc), $5
  • Beef Shabu Shabu (1kg), $13
  • Fish Cake (5pc), $2
  • Fuzhou Fish Ball (12pc), $5
  • Ngoh Hiang (10pc), $2
delivery: islandwide. free shipping for orders $50 and above. expect 2 – 3 days delivery.

Order online on their website.

5. Zairyo

Zairyo’s Steamboat Pack for 2 – 4 pax.

Shabu shabu party, anyone? We’re turning to Zairyo for a Japanese-themed hotpot session, since this online Japanese gourmet grocer brings in a selection of freshly-imported food products, some of them premium, including Uni, Shirataki (Konjac Noodles), Botan Ebi, Kurobuta Pork and more. There are also soup bases if you’re planning to order a la carte, with popular ones being the Puchitto Sundubu and Puchitto Tonkotsu solo steamboat bases.

They also currently offer a Steamboat Pack ($92) for two to four people, which consists of 7 different ingredients including: 1kg of Tiger Prawns, 300g of Kurobuta Pork Belly Slices, Patin Fish Slices, Sliced Ika (squid), Asari Clams, Sliced Hotate (scallops), Fish Ball with Roe, Fresh Udon. All these are placed in an exclusive cooler bag that’s yours to keep.

Steamboat / bbq pack, $92 (for 2 – 4 pax).
delivery: free delivery islandwide, min. order $100.

Order online on their website.


Banner images: Hotpot Master / Haidilao Hot Pot / The Steamboat Specialist.