Mango Man Is Back! And Crease-Resistant, Water-Repellent, And Machine-Washable!

Fashion often looks introspectively at recent history for inspiration when designing collections for the packed annual production schedule. If you’ve been tuning in to the latest fashion news, it would seem that all-over monograms are back in full force — with the initials of luxury labels seen all over bags, outerwear, t-shirts, etc. This revival of the early 2000s trend is said to have been spurred by the rise of social media, and an essentially cost-free way for luxury labels to enjoy complimentary advertising from customers who showcase their splurges on (insert social media platform here).

So for the last couple of years, the unspoken memo to look like you care about clothes at all is to adopt this maximalist direction when it comes to dressing up. With prominent branding (think Supreme t-shirts or other so-called premium mediocre items that would cost you an arm or leg) that so conspicuously scream consumption being the only fashion mantra you should care about, whatever your style is.


Well, Spanish label Mango’s latest collection for men says otherwise. Simply entitled the Improved collection, Mango is offering the contemporary man an innovative streamlined selection of garments created with technical fibres and clean lines — a defiantly minimalist aesthetic in sober and versatile colour palettes.

The fabrics used in the entire collection are said to be thermoregulating, offering optimal breathability and are crease-resistant, in addition to being water-repellent and machine-washable. It’s just the stuff you would appreciate if you tend to be disappointed by how little abuse your favourite everyday go-to clothes can take before they end up in tatters in the washing machine.

Clockwise from left: Waterproof technical fabric trench ($199), Slim fit suit blazer ($159), Slim fit suit trousers ($89.90), Technical fabric polo shirt ($59.90), Elastic waist Bermuda shorts ($59.90), Technical T-shirt ($49.90).


Yes, they aren’t immediately the most exciting — embroidered, embellished, pieces that will make you go crazy over, but like the esteemed handful of luxury labels who shunned ostentatious displays of wealth, what this collection says is this — your own initials are enough.

Elegant, dependable, and understated, it’s quite honestly just the thing you need for everyone else to recognise that you’re in-the-know of all things fashionable, without being able to pinpoint exactly why. And at the end of the day, why would anyone want their logo-printed clothes to do all the talking for them anyway?

Overcompensating much?

Left to right: Textured slim fit blazer ($179), Slim fit suit trousers ($89.90), Technical T-shirt ($49.90), Technical fabric windbreaker ($139), Technical fabric polo shirt ($59.90).


Mango Man Improved collection is now available online.