Men’s Pocky, King Size Chocolate Bars & Other Gift-Worthy Snacks for Father’s Day

This upcoming Father’s Day (that’s 21 June this year, so don’t forget to mark your calendar), try gifting a sweet treat to your dad to celebrate the special occasion! Just imagine how uplifting it will be for him to find your nicely packaged present of energy-packed fun snacks at the ready, especially if he happens to feel peckish on one of his late nights at work.

And we are not sure about you, but the dads we know especially love snacks (or food essentially), so if anything, you can’t really miss the mark completely with edible gifts.

Without further ado, here are some fun, indulgent, and luxurious gift-worthy chocolate and confectionery for your gifting consideration, as well as close alternatives you can purchase online now!


Men’s Pocky

Men’s Pocky has been rumoured to be discontinued.

Contrary to popular belief, Men’s Pocky (bitter chocolate-coated biscuit sticks) isn’t a tone-deaf marketing decision made by Glico — the parent company that produces these famous flavour-coated biscuit sticks. In Japan (and we can imagine in many other conservative societies), chocolate biscuit sticks are often stereotyped as a feminine snack popular with school girls or ‘herbivorous men’, which deters the salarymen (males between 25 to 45 years old, working 9-to-5) from purchasing them at convenience stores.

Thus, naming the snack so explicitly on the box is simply a ploy to normalise biscuit sticks for men, and attract the demographic to purchase them to soothe their hunger pangs.

Assorted Pocky flavours ($1.10 each) that are available now.

Unfortunately, they seem to have been gradually phased out from Pocky’s lineup of food products (we tried searching for them everywhere online to no avail), so as an alternative, you can always just purchase their long list of other available flavours available online now (your dad probably wouldn’t need biscuit sticks to affirm his healthy masculinity anyway, right?)!

Giant Pocky in limited edition Yubari Melon & Kyoho Grape flavours ($22 each).

Perhaps, bitter chocolate wasn’t ever your dad’s favourite snack flavour in the first place, in which case, surprise and delight him by getting all the available flavours so he’ll be spoilt for choice — if he’s got a big appetite, get him the giant variations for laughs!!

Fuss-free and easy to eat, what’s not to love?

The Pocky products featured are available now on Shopee, Amazon, and Pocky.


Janice Wong Singapore

Janice Wong Singapore Trolls Edible Chocolate Crayons ($16.85 each).

This one is for young dads whose favourite past time as of late, is spending time entertaining their little ones. These Signature Chocolate Crayons by Janice Wong Singapore are quite possibly the only food you are actually encouraged to play with! Each box of these edible chocolate crayons come with 8 colour-coordinated fruity flavours (orange crayon = orange flavour etc.) that can be used to colour, draw, and munch on once the kids have gone on to play with their other toys. This Trolls version also come with papers meant for colouring.

Janice Wong Singapore Chocolate Crayons – Box of 8 ($33.65).

If the kids aren’t fans of Trolls and/or prefer to unleash their boundless creativity over blank canvases, there’s this alternative smartly packaged Signature Chocolate Crayons set that you can opt for, that comes with edible rice paper and canvas.

Fun, delicious, and memorable, we can’t deny that we’ll want to get an extra box to play with ourselves!

The Janice Wong Singapore Chocolate Crayons featured are now available online.


King Size Chocolate Bars

Clockwise from top left: Hershey’s Almond King Size Chocolate Bar – Box of 18 (USD 49), Cadbury Caramello King Size Chocolate Bar – Box of 18 (USD 21), Reese’s Fast Break King Size Chocolate Bar – Box of 18 (USD 38), Kit Kat King Size Milk Chocolate Wafer Bar – Box of 24 (USD 38).

Yes, these familiar chocolate bars are commonplace at any convenience store. The only difference, of course, is that the ones featured above are just much bigger than their regular counterparts (they are 30 to 50 per cent weightier). Fit for a hungry king (AKA your dad) to feast on whenever he wants to.

Size comparison between a regular Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds and its King Size variant.

Sure, they aren’t exactly the healthiest of snacks to reach for, but in the event of particularly busy work-days, where your dad has been missing his meals, these can make a delicious and satisfying if indulgent occasional meal replacement. Here’s hoping it doesn’t become his regular habit.

Though, if he does start packing on some excess weight as a result of consuming all these chocolates, convince him to get on social media (it’s about time) and try out these workouts he can follow from home!

The King-Sized Chocolate bars featured are available now on eBay.



Godiva often ranks amongst the most gourmet of chocolates, and thankfully they’re widely available here in Singapore and online. On this special day, indulge your dad by letting him taste the finer things in life (literally) by getting him top-notch quality chocolates!

Left to Right: Godiva Luxury Gift Box with 30 Chocolate pieces ($168), Godiva Luxury Gift Box with 59 Chocolate pieces ($305).

We suggest going all out and get the Godiva Luxury Gift Box that comes elegantly packaged in a gorgeous fabric-lined box with either 30 or 59 chocolate pieces. Great for those us who aren’t skilled at gift wrapping! The numerous number of individual chocolate pieces are sure to spoil him for choice, while also offering him the option of sharing good things with the entire family. Father’s Day is a family affair after all.

The Godiva Luxury Gift Box is available now online.