Muji’s Official Store is now on Shopee!

Last month, Muji started taking online orders for furniture and everyday items through a form. This month, they have an official store on Shopee!

Currently, the store only stocks food and beverage items like pasta sauces, biscuits and bottled drinks, but a Muji spokesperson informed us that household items will be available on the store from this Friday (22nd May).

Shipping is handled by UParcel, with fees ranging between $0.00 – $3.99. And food items like this delicious rice cracker is sold in a bundle of 12 packs:

Reviews look positive:

All the items also appear to be on sale, with discounts going as high as more than 50%:

Individual packs are unfortunately not available for sale at the moment, so these bundles are really for fans of the products, or good if you stay with a large family to share them with. Need recommendations? Here’s my take on what I’ve tried and think is really nice:

Above (left to right):
MUJI Watagashi 1pc (Bundle of 5), $5 — One of the best packaged cotton candy I’ve tried. The kids love this.
MUJI DOUBLE SANDWICH WAFERS Strawberry 126g (Bundle of 12), $42 — strawberry cream, chocolate cream, and hazelnut jam sandwiched between a crispy, savory wafer. These are packed individually, so it’s a convenient snack for my kids to bring to school (and me to bring to work).
MUJI FRIED RICE CRACKER Soy Sauce 96g (Bundle of 12), $12 — a little sweet, a little salty. a Very tasty midday or midnight snack!


Visit Muji’s Official Store on Shopee here: