NET-A-PORTER Beauty May 2020 Editor’s Picks, including zit stickers, Gua Sha massage tools and more

Earlier in Feb this year, I discovered some truly amazing beauty products on NET-A-PORTER; this month, I’m carrying on with the theme of self-care with these following recommendations.

ZITSTICKA KILLA Spot Clarifying Patch Kit
US$32.05 / Approx. SGD 45

Some time ago, Medicube had a pimple “needle” patch that sold out every time it hit the shelves at Guardian; it apparently has been discontinued, which is surprising because it actually worked in bringing down growing blemishes. While looking for an alternative to it, I came across this kit by Zitsticka that is sold in a box of 8 cleansing wipes and 8 patches; the patches have microdots (like “needles”) that are made up of Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Tea Tree Oil — a straightforward combination that reduces and heals cystic spots in its early stages. Just cleanse the offending area with the disinfecting wipe, then stick on one of the patches and leave it overnight. The microdots are like little needle cones that stick and dissolve into the skin (it’s not painful). Granted this box is a fair bit pricier than the Medicube version, I’d pay for acne remedies that I can use at home and make my skin better.

HAYO’U Beauty Restorer Lite
US$39.74 / Approx. SGD 56

Above left: the new zip-locks from Net-A-Porter are compostable!

How have I not owned one of these before?! I tried this today for the first time and I’m in love with it. I rolled it up my shoulder and neck and there was a sweet pain, followed shortly after by relief. It’s addictive, and the feeling made me want to do it again and again (which I did). This particular gua sha* massage tool is a slim jade piece that is specific for sensitive or delicate skin; and is really a good one to start with if you haven’t tried gua sha before.

*Gua sha is the practice of scraping and applying pressure on the body to ease pain and tension, and to reduce inflammation. It’s been around for centuries, and is provided as a service in TCM clinics in Singapore. It’s also something you can try to do at home if you have the right tool — and this slab of jade is it. This “lite” version is hand-carved from Xiuyan Jade that’s known for its restorative and regenerative properties. Use it with the Liha Idan Oil (see below) for the best results; just apply a small amount of oil to clean, dry skin, and gently press and roll the tool across the forehead, under eye area, cheeks, jawline and neck. 👍🏻

LIHA Idan Oil
US$46.79 / Approx. SGD 67 (100ml)

Above: The bottle comes wrapped in a cloth drawstring pouch.

This wondrous cold-pressed coconut oil does many things; it can be used on the face and body as an intense hydrator, locking in moisture and making the skin silky smooth, and it can be slicked down the hair as a leave-in conditioner. Leave it in the bathroom and use it immediately after showering for best results (and so you don’t forget), and really… just use it everywhere. There’s a single tuberose flower inside the bottle that infuses the oil with its fragrance — it’s pretty, and it’s natural.

US$23.08 / Approx. SGD 33 (100g)

If you like bar soaps, this is a very nice bar of soap. For one, it’s black, and it’s soft — but not too soft. It lathers well with just a little bit of water, and skin feels clean but also soft after use. It is made up of charcoal for deep cleansing, shea butter for moisturising, and it smells of lemon and sweet orange oils.

COSMYDOR S/2 Artisanal Face and Hand Soap with Argan Oil & Everlasting Essential Oil
US$36.15 / Approx. SGD 52 (200ml)

This is delightful as a face wash, and decadent as hand soap. It’s a vegan cleanser made with 93% natural ingredients including antibacterial Everlasting Floral Water, Lemongrass Leaf Oil, Coconut, Argan and Castor Bean Oils. The texture feels wonderfully moisturising and non greasy.

COSTA BRAZIL Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil
US$56.41 / Approx. SGD 80 (30ml)

This body oil uses an exclusive ingredient called Kaya Oil, which is sustainably harvested from the Amazon rainforest and is discovered to be a powerful antioxidant. The texture is light, absorbs quickly and is non greasy — and it smells divine… like expensive essential oils that you’ll find in a luxury spa.

I first applied this to my arm to test it and I couldn’t stop sniffing it… and once the product sunk in, my skin was so incredibly soft. This has replaced my nighttime body moisturiser, and I dare say, I’ll be purchasing this one again.

RITA HAZAN Triple Threat Split End Remedy
US$29.49 / Approx. SGD 42 (50ml)

This “split end remedy” is a white cream that seals the fraying ends of hair, and protects it from heat and UV damage from blow-drying and being under the sun. I can’t actually see that it’s protecting my hair, but as a de-frizzing cream, it works instantly and very well. Just a small amount applied to the ends of my hair immediately smoothed it down and made it look so much better. If that’s your hair problem too, this is a good buy.

US$173.08 / Approx. SGD 246 (30ml)

There are so many reviews online for this cream, with editors, bloggers and celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Ashley Graham, Kate Bosworth and Shailene Woodley gushing about it. Fans have claimed that it achieves better results than even micro-needling, it actually fades dark spots rather than many products that just claim to, and how it’s the secret to “rich people skin”. With this much hype and fanfare, I’ve been wanting to try the product myself.

The science behind it is in a powerful formula that targets stem cells; this includes natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesised molecules naturally found in skin — a combination that triggers the skin’s natural rejuvenation process, resulting in “newer” and fresher skin over time with constant use. I’ve only just received and applied the product for the first time, and can say that it is fast-absorbing and made my skin feel soft and smooth after just one try.

If the reviews are to be believed, I can expect exceptional skin in 27 days. Read here: The Cut / Glamour / InStyle.

ORIBE Mystify Restyling Spray
US$53.85 / Approx. SGD 77 (175ml)

This isn’t hair spray or dry shampoo; it’s something else… like a cross between a hair care and hair styling product. It sprays on a little wet, and its formula of Avocado Oil, Glycerin, Panthenol and Oribe’s signature complex (Plant Collagen, Caffeine, Biotin and Niacinamide) hydrates and detangles hair. While the hair dries, that’s when you can style — or restyle it.

DR. BARBARA STURM Night Ampoules
US$376.55 / Approx. SGD 537 (7 x 2ml)

If I’m being honest, I don’t want to love this. At $537 for seven ampoules, that makes it almost $77 a shot; and I certainly can’t afford that in the long — or even short — run. The German doctor has created a potent concoction of Hyaluronic Acid (that replenishes moisture), Beta-Glucan (calms and reduces redness), and Purslane (protects against oxidative damage); all of this results in an anti-inflammatory, skin regenerating night-time formula.

But you know what… I love it. I don’t know what magic this is, but in just one use, my skin is immediately “tighter”, smoother, and my pores visibly smaller. The next morning, I look less tired as well. Well, for $77 a dose, I am expecting a difference and there is one. I would recommend this for special occasions when your skin needs to repair or look its best.

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