9 Popular Bubble Tea Brands Available Via These F&B Partnerships

We all get a little crazy when it comes to bubble tea, and boy has it been a rollercoaster ride so far. When our country’s tighter circuit breakers extended to affect bubble tea shops,  some of us (irresponsibly) did a mad rush to order it before the cut-off time; got crestfallen over having to go ‘cold turkey’ over the next couple of days; rejoiced when we discovered bubble tea alternatives; or tried to frantically create our own pearls in our kitchens.

Finally, now in its late-stage evolution, we can in fact enjoy bubble tea when we order them from the right F&B outlets. A couple of restaurants have paired with the most popular bubble tea brands, so that both can mutually benefit from Singaporeans’ obsession — that’s just being smart. From healthy grain bowls, traditional bak kut teh, or Western-style burgers, here are some ways you can order your bubble tea, with a side serving of your main meal.


KOI x Grain

Grain itself is an interesting concept for their meal plans and wholesome fare, with a focus on delivering the right balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats in each of their grain bowls, freshly cooked and crafted by top chefs. The usual favourites such as Hot Torched Sous Vide Salmon appear on their menu, but you’ve also got the more innovative options of Caramelised Beef Char Siew and Basil Thunder Tea Rice to choose from — now, just add KOI.

Popular KOI drinks such as the Golden Bubble Milk Tea, Yakult Green Tea, and more can be ordered now via Grain’s website or on GrabFood, though there is a limited supply daily. For the most likely chances of securing your order, follow their IG stories for stock updates from 11AM each day.

For direct orders via Grain, islandwide delivery available, with a min. order of $10. Delivery fees vary by location, starting from $4.

To order:
– on Grain’s website
– from Grain on GrabFood
– islandwide delivery with min. $10 (from $4 for delivery fee)

More info at Grain and KOI‘s Instagram pages.


CHICHA Sanchen x Kemono

No one can resist fried chicken, but how sustainable can that daily diet be? Kemono presents a healthier alternative with their Japanese roasted chicken, a guilt-free pleasure that’s cooked using a proprietary traditional slow roasting technique, one which gives us crispy skin yet juicy chicken flesh that’s still flavourful and tender. I ordered this over the weekend and can vouch for that!

The best part is, you can now order it with CHICHA San Chen (吃茶三千) — also my current favourite bubble tea brand! The Taiwanese brand specialises in high-quality freshly brewed teas, where you can taste that subtle aroma of their tea roasts; popular orders include Dong Ding Oolong as well as their Bubble Milk Tea, made with their signature Black Tea.

Islandwide delivery available, while a $5.90 delivery fee applies. Do give at least 90 mins for delivery, so it’s best to order in advance.

To order:
– on kemono’s website
– whatsapp 8600 5997
– islandwide delivery ($5.90 delivery fee)

More info at Kemono and CHICHA San Chen‘s Instagram pages.


MONGA x Founder Bak Kut Teh

Founder Bak Kut Teh is now collaborating with Monga Taiwanese Fried Chicken to offer Monga’s Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea. It makes for quite an unusual pairing, but we’ll take it. Now, local bak kut teh F&B establishment has gained a good reputation and following for their enduring pork rib soup recipe, with many touting it as the best in Singapore.

That comforting meal can now be paired with Monga’s Brown Sugar Oolong Bubble Milk Tea. For direct orders via Whatsapp, you can enjoy free islandwide delivery when you hit a min. purchase of $30. Limited to 2 sets per order, so a total of 4 Bubble Milk Teas only.

To order:
– WhatsApp 8896 5136
– islandwide delivery (free) with min. $30

More info at Founder Bak Kut Teh and MONGA‘s Instagram pages.


LiHO: Woo Ricebox, Paik’s Bibim, Tino’s Pizza, and Gong Yua Ma La Tang

Not to be outdone, LiHO too has banded together with a list of F&B outlets for delivery — in fact, they’ve been rolling this out since 23 April, as announced on their Instagram page! Korean fare and bubble tea is an option with Paik’s Bibim, while those who can take the heat will enjoy the mala soup from Guan Yuan Ma La Tang.

Not all of their drinks are available, but there are the most popular picks, including the Classic Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Fresh Milk, Salted Caramel Milk Tea, Honey Milk Tea, Earl Grey Milk Tea, Jasmine Green Tea or Da Hong Pau Milk Tea, some of which are served with Golden Pearls.

To order:
– from the respective F&B outlets on grabfood

More info at LiHO‘s Instagram page.


Gong Cha: Wolf Burgers, Sushi Express, COLLIN’S

Gong Cha is pairing up with a few F&B outlets for this bubble tea initiative — they’ve been steadily uploading teaser announcements on their Instagram page, though eagle-eyed netizens have likewise responded by tagging Gong Cha’s F&B collaborators, one of which happens to be Wolf Burgers, which I personally love for their hearty, flavourful gourmet burgers.

Sets start at $16.90 for an Original Wolf Burger and bubble tea pairing, of which you can order either Gong Cha’s Pearl Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Pearl, Taro Drink, or QQ Passion Fruit Green Tea to go with your meal.

To order:
– on wolf burgers’ website
– islandwide delivery (delivery fee applies)

More info at Wolf Burgers‘ Instagram page.

Sushi Express is jumping onboard the bubble tea wagon too, with their affordable conveyor belt-style sushi now available as sushi sets. Don’t worry, their takeout menu is just as extensive as what they offer in restaurants, including the popular salmon sashimi and roasted salmon offerings; these now come with the added perk of Gong Cha bubble tea of course! Order via food delivery apps if you’re near their NEX, Tampines 1 and Heartbeat@Bedok outlets.

To order:
– from sushi express on foodpanda, deliveroo and grabfood
– for outlets: nex, tampines 1, heartbeat@bedok

More info at Sushi Express‘ Instagram page.

With the success of a hawker store that has since grown into 24 F&B outlets, well-established across Singapore, you’ll definitely recognise COLLIN’S for their grilled Western favourites, such as chicken chop and affordable but tasty steaks, paired with healthy greens, spaghetti, or other classic side dishes. Well, you can now enjoy Gong Cha’s bubble tea with any of their 50% Off COLLIN’S delivery combos — exclusive to PLQ Mall, Northpoint City, and Westgate via GrabFood, FoodPanda and Deliveroo. Up to 4 Gong Cha beverages per order.

To order:
– from sushi express on foodpanda, deliveroo and grabfood
– for outlets: Plq mall, northpoint city, westgate

More info at COLLIN’S Instagram page.

More info at Gong Cha’s Instagram page.


Each-A-Cup: ENAQ, Chuan Shi Dai, Pontian

Last but not least, Each-A-Cup is offering a very extensive menu of their bubble teas, fruit teas and milk teas when you order from ENAQ, Chuan Shi Dai, and most recently, Pontian. You might have to check where they’re available though.

ENAQ reaches out to those in the West, as well as Yishun, Pasir Ris, Tampines and Bedok with their selection of pratas, murtabak, goreng dishes and biryani, of which there’ll be a delivery fee of $5 – $8. You’ll also have to select at least one item from ENAQ’s menu.

Islandwide delivery is also available via Chuan Shi Dai and their chicken drumlet or chicken nugget orders, where a delivery fee of $6 applies. Orders are to be placed at least one day in advance, with a min. order of 4 cups and at least one set of Drumlet & Nugget ($2 each) from Chuan Shi Dai Restaurant.

Alternatively, you can order Pontian’s wanton noodles set meals on GrabFood.

To order:
-on each-a-cup’s website
– whatsapp 8266 1485 for enaq (west, yishun, pasir ris, tampines, bedok)
– whatsapp 8158 7553 for chuan shi dai for bulk orders (islandwide delivery)
– from pontian on grabfood

More info at Each-A-Cup‘s Instagram page.


Tiger Sugar x PUTIEN

Fans of Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant PUTIEN ought to rejoice, you can now get their famous Lor Mee or signature Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon with a side of brown sugar bubble milk. Not just any too — we’re talking Tiger Sugar, the Taiwanese brand that’s known for popularising brown sugar bubble tea here. No more snaking queues here, these food sets combine a PUTIEN main course with Tiger Sugar’s Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse ($5.60), a drink that combines fresh milk with brown sugar syrup, tapioca pearls and cream mousse. Available exclusively on GrabFood, from PUTIEN Kitchener Road for islandwide delivery, and NEX for those who live within a 3km delivery radius.

To order:
– from putien on grabfood
– for outlets: kitchener (islandwide), nex

More info at Tiger Sugar‘s Instagram page.


Xing Fu Tang:  Wooshi, Suparakki Ramen (Westgate)

More sushi and bubble tea, who would’ve thought! WOOSHI doesn’t just serve regular sushi though, their sushi rolls and bowls are a mash-up of cuisines and flavours, including Fiery Fatima (inspired by nasi lemak), Psycho Kim (of kimchi, chicken and cheese), and Angry Lee (sweet potato noodles, duck and a fragrant mala sauce).

Of course, you can now get those unique offerings with popular Taiwanese bubble tea brand, Xing Fu Tang and their brown sugar milk choices. They’re offering bundles that include two styles of drinks: Brown Sugar Milk Tea (with Grass Jelly) and Brown Sugar Oolong Milk Tea (with Grass Jelly) — though currently, it’s only available on GrabFood via their Causeway Point outlet.

To order:
– from wooshi on GRABFOOD
– only from the causeway point outlet

Japanese cuisine and bubble tea seems to be a winning combo, as this Suparakki Ramen and Xing Fu Tang partnership proves. Their authentic Hakata-style ramen is freshly made with all-natural ingredients and no added MSG, while that delicious broth is cooked for six hours over high heat to achieve a full collagen richness.

Sets include a Supa Milk Tea Single Combo ($13.90) of 1 Original Tonkotsu Ramen and 1 Xing Fu Tang bubble tea, or a Supa Milk Tea Couple Combo ($27.80) of 2 Original Tonkotsu Ramen and 2 Xing Fu Tang bubble teas. Beverage choices are limited to either the Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Grass Jelly or Brown Sugar Oolong Milk Tea with Grass Jelly.

The only caveat? The sets are exclusive to the Jurong Area only, via GrabFood Westgate.

To order:
– from suparakki ramen on GRABFOOD
– only from the westgate outlet

If you’d still like your Xin Fu Tang fix though, the brand is now offering islandwide delivery with a $5 flat rate fee, with a min. order of $20! Drinks available: Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk, Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Boba Oolong Milk Tea, all $5.90 each.

To order:
– order online here
– islandwide delivery ($5 delivery fee), min. order $20 ; maximum 10 cups per order

More info at Xing Fu Tang‘s Instagram page.


Milksha x Yum Cha

In another exciting F&B partnership, you’re looking at Milksha’s range of bubble teas and… dim sum! Yum Cha offers a whole range of sets for you to choose from, including dim sum favourites like BBQ Pork Buns, Pan-Fried Carrot Cake, Crispy Shrimp Dumplings and more. At the same time, you’ll be able to slurp on Milksha’s all-natural drinks, which use sugar from sugar cane, and are made without preservatives, chemical ingredients or artificial colouring. Choices include: Fresh Taro Milk, Brown Sugar Milk with Honey Pearls, Earl Grey Latte, and Refreshing Orange Green Tea (from $3). You may order direct from Yum Cha’s website, which offers islandwide delivery at a flat $5 rate.

To order:
-on yum cha’s website
– islandwide delivery ($5 delivery fee), min. order $50

More info at Milksha‘s Instagram page.