Roxxlyn does an Apple AirPods Case Made of Stone

Years ago I was obsessed with finding a genuine marble case for my iPhone; and my intense search online brought me to discover German tech accessories brand, Roxxlyn. This Berlin-based design studio crafts MacBook and iPad skins, iPhone cases, and more recently, watches, clutches and sunglasses all made from different types of stone.

Above: Stone and marble cases for the iPhone 11 Pro

Now they have a stone case for the Apple AirPods in 3 models: AirPods 1, 2 and Pro; and in 2 Slate Stone options: Transocean (a unique dark grey stone structure from India, with golden and beige streaks) and Black Impact (a rich black-grey hue).

Above: AirPods Pro slate case in Transocean

Note that this is an outer case that you insert your existing AirPods case into, almost like a skin. It’s a look that leans towards the more masculine and edgy, and is certainly not for everyone; but if you’re into this aesthetic, the reviews for it online are mostly good.

Roxxlyn AirPods Slate Case, $47, available at