SSENSE Is Having Up to 50% Discounts on Star Wars x Vetements, adidas Originals & More!

No one is stranger to the fact that streetwear’s mix of oversized graphic tees, athletic wear, utilitarian apparel features, and statement sneakers have long been a boy’s only playing field, given that the streetwear scene is dominated by male designers who designed with men in mind.

But since its commercial boom to the masses, there has been a rise in popular streetwear labels run and/or owned by women, which has since contributed to a changing look that adopts traditionally masculine silhouettes to embrace the female form. This relatively new normal (think baggy tops and bottoms that are all grit as opposed to elegance) when it comes to womenswear is now arguably the most commonly seen style as worn on the streets.

VETEMENTS Black STAR WARS Edition Logo Cap (USD 225). 

With that, thanks to SSENSE’s amazing deals happening right now (!!!) for a limited time, we have selected the latest arrivals you have to get if only to soothe your FOMO from letting 50% discounts of must-have streetwear pieces slip you by! Or rather, streetwear has just always been kinda your thing and you’re in for an update.

left to right: Versace Underwear Black Medusa Tank Top (USD 195) & Bike Shorts (USD 202), MISBHV Black & White Active Dress (USD 139)VETEMENTS Black STAR WARS Edition Death Star Episode IV T-Shirt (USD 404).

Here we have curated a selection of must-have latest arrivals from some of the most acclaimed and instantly recognisable streetwear brands that reflect the zeitgeist. Take, for example, the unstoppable popularity of Virgil Abloh’s Off-White in the streetwear scene (despite criticisms on his designs) that’s boosted by his ongoing stint as creative director of Louis Vuitton Menswear.

Clockwise from top left: Off-White Silver Arrows Ring (USD 248), VETEMENTS Multicolor Reebok Edition Fire Socks (USD 90), Off-White Black Quote Card Holder (USD 159), VETEMENTS Black STAR WARS Edition iPhone 11 Pro Case (USD 128).

Or statement logo loungewear appropriate to be worn all-day, Vetements’ limited edition collaboration with the (recently concluded) Star Wars film franchise, and the inception of MISBHV — one of the few much-hyped streetwear labels founded by a woman that’s got everyone talking.

Clockwise from top left: Off-White Purple & Pink ODSY-1000 Sneakers (USD 619), Dr Martens Black Jadon Boots (USD 143), Adidas Originals White Torsion TRDC Sneakers (USD 118), MISBHV Black & Green Knit Ankle Boots (USD 500).

Also, don’t miss out on our selection of footwear and bags as well — the most important key accessories to be seen with when putting together a streetwear look (for their ability to often be what many consider the most attention-grabbing).

Clockwise from top left: MM6 Maison Margiela Black Logo Tote (USD 205), Off-White White & Black Diag Baby Flap Bag (USD 593)A-COLD-WALL* SSENSE Exclusive Black & Grey Utility Holster Bag (USD 327)Bao Bao Issey Miyake White Prism Tote (USD 458).

After all, most of us would also often prefer to be able to use a single prized piece of apparel across weeks of changing outfits, if only to convince ourselves that we’ve purchased something for all it’s worth. So it’s great that there are these undeniably bold and practical pieces that scream all the codes of streetwear, that you should be looking to purchase if you’ve been investing in the look of all things gritty and cool.


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