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Since the Circuit Breaker started, many of us have become proud owners of coffee machines which we’ve been using daily to get our caffeine fix. While it isn’t difficult to refill our coffee supply, a lot of us might prefer the ability to switch up our roasts without having to commit fully to the new flavour — and this is where coffee subscription boxes come in.

Understanding that there might be folks who prefer different types of coffee, several local coffee businesses in Singapore have created coffee subscription boxes as part of their caffeine offerings that allow you to try out different roasts and flavours. The service works with a box of your selected coffee blend sent to you based on the subscription duration you’ve selected — which can be once every week or once every month. 

Here are 5 coffee subscription services you can consider trying.


Available blends you can get with your Arrow Coffee subscription. (Image courtesy of Arrow Coffee)

Looking for a cheaper alternative to the Nespresso capsules? Arrow Coffee offers Nespresso-compatible capsules that start from $0.45 while ensuring you get your much-needed caffeine fix. The capsules are made in Singapore with beans that are sourced and traded fairly from the world’s best coffee regions including Columbia, Brazil and Peru. Most of their products are made with Arabica and Robusta beans to create a bold, creamy cup of coffee.

How the subscription works:
☕ Weekend plan ($29) includes 5 boxes of 10 capsules each
☕ Regular plan ($49) includes 10 boxes of 10 capsules each
☕ Passionate plan ($89) includes 20 boxes of 10 capsules each

Frequency: One-time or monthly

Delivery options:
🛵 $7 delivery fee for all Weekend plan subscribers
🛵 Free delivery for all Regular and Passionate plan subscribers

You can subscribe to Arrow Coffee’s coffee subscription plans here. For more information, click here.


The “Clever Cookie” Coffee Subscription Pack. (Image courtesy of Common Man Coffee Roasters)

In addition to their café and academy, Common Man Coffee Roasters also offers subscription boxes that come with your selected coffee roast, filter papers and respective brewing tool which are designed to cater to your preferred coffee-making method. They primarily roast, sell and serve specialty grade Arabica coffee locally using beans that are sourced from all over the world. 

Subscription pack available: The “Clever Cookie” Coffee Subscription Pack (from $68.40) includes four packs of your choice ground, a Clever Coffee Dripper (CCD) Brewer and CCD Filter Papers.

Frequency: Every 1 to 4 weeks

Delivery options:
🛵 $4 delivery fee for standard shipping
🛵 $8 delivery fee for express shipping
🛵 Free delivery for orders above $50

You can subscribe to Common Man Coffee Roasters’ coffee pack here. For more information, click here.


Birds of Paradise (rich coffee blend with hints of dark chocolate and stone fruits) in Nespresso-Compatible Pods. (Image courtesy of Hook Coffee)

Founded with the idea to make freshly roasted specialty coffee convenient and accessible, Hook Coffee crafts unique blends using 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee from the world’s best farms. The blends are available in a whole or ground beans pack, drip coffee bags, and Nespresso compatible pods in a variety of quirky flavours such as Yaya Kakaya (Kaya flavoured), Sweet Bundchen (Kinder Bueno flavoured), and One in a Melon (Watermelon candy flavoured). 

How the subscription works:
☕ For Whole or Ground Beans (from $14 for 200g)
☕ For Drip Coffee Bags (from $14 for 10 coffee bags)
☕ For Nespresso Compatible Pods (from $10 for 20 pods)

Frequency: You can have it delivered daily or weekly (between 1 to 31 days)

Delivery options:
🛵 Free standard delivery via SingPost Normal Mail
🛵 $2.50 for express courier delivery
🛵 Free express courier delivery for orders above $50

You can subscribe to try Hook Coffee here. For more information, click here.


Tres Barras coffee blend. (Image courtesy of Nylon Coffee Roasters)

Just in case you’re wondering — no, the NYLON team does not have a side hustle. Nylon Coffee Roasters is a café and roaster located in Everton Park that offers filter coffee subscription of their ethically sourced beans. The service gives you an opportunity to try their roasts and flavours from different origins based on seasons, as well as preview unique coffee offerings of an exclusive micro-lot. Subscription orders are roasted on the first Wednesday of the month and ships out the day after. 

Subscription plan available: Filter Coffee Subscription (from $20)

Frequency: Monthly

Delivery options:
🛵 $3.80 delivery fee for orders below $40
🛵 Free delivery for orders above $40

You can subscribe to Nylon Coffee Roasters’ Filter Coffee Subscription here. For more information, click here.


Throwback, Nuts & Bolts, and Terra Firma — Espresso blends that you can find as part of the subscription. (Image courtesy of PPP Coffee)

Apart from offering beverages and coffee supplies at their retail store, local roaster PPP Coffee (formerly known as Papa Palheta Coffee) has also branched out to offer flexible coffee subscriptions of their various roasts and blends in a filter or Nespresso-compatible forms. Some of the flavours include their best-selling Throwback Espresso, the Supernova Fusion capsules, and Supernova Comet (Thippanahalli, India).

Subscription plans available: Applies to 9 different coffee roasts (prices vary for each starting from $10)

Frequency: One-time or every 1 to 6 weeks

Delivery options:
🛵 Standard delivery fee from $3.80 for orders below $50
🛵 Free delivery for orders above $50

You can subscribe to PPP Coffee’s Flexi Coffee subscription here. For more information, click here.


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