Sustainable Homeware And Cute Ways To Keep Your Food Fresh

With restaurants and food outlets still on a strict no-dine-in policy, you might find yourself having more takeaway meals than ever. Or maybe, making more frequent trips to the supermarket now that you’re a lockdown-certified home cook. Whatever the case, we’re making the case for using sustainable containers and bags instead of single-use versions, because, save the earth! After all, you don’t want to undo all the good that our recovering environment has been experiencing these few months.

From reusable snack bags and lunch bowls that minimise packaging waste, to beeswax wraps meant to replace cling wrap, these innovative designs top the class for both functionality and creative design, proving once and for all that sustainable can look very cute indeed.

Takeaway Food

Porter Reusable Bowls, $34.90

You could use a regular Tupperware, and that’s fine too, but if you’d like to up the sophistication a little, these Porter Reusable Bowls are very welcome indeed. Made of durable plastic, the lunch bowl also features a protective nonslip exterior and snap-tight silicone strap to keep the lid in place, so you can transport salads, grain bowls, leftovers, or even cai fan with ease. Not to mention, these pretty, sleek tone-on-tone colours work well to ease our restless souls too. Use this frequently enough and you can eliminate over 200 days worth of plastic takeout. Now, that’s commendable.

Shop at The Paper Bunny.

Bamboo Straw Girl Mindful Bento Box, $25

Looking a little like a tamago sushi due to its oval shape, there’s a certain Japanese sensibility to this takeout bento box design by Bamboo Straw Girl. It’s made with a 304 stainless steel base and a bamboo lid, which is kept snug by an elastic band. You’ll also find a surprise engraving under its lid to remind us to slow down and embrace mindfulness.

Shop at Bamboo Straw Girl.

Enamel Tiffin Carrier (Tingkat), $23

These old-school lunch boxes are widely used in Asia, which definitely means they’re of peak practicality. That’s not a stereotype by the way, just something to be proud of! After all, the tiered design of tiffin carriers means you can efficiently carry food and dishes in separate containers, while keeping them warm for later consumption. Hai Seng Porcelain does theirs in pastel-coloured enamel, so you can now dabao rice, dishes, and even soup without the hassle of carrying multiple bags.

Shop at Hai Seng Porcelain.


Lunch BAGS & Groceries Carriers

Keep Leaf Lunch Bag, $32.50

The idea of lunch bags can make you feel like you’re in an American elementary school setting, but they are a cultural phenomenon for one thing — ease of use. If a third-grader can use this daily, so can you. Keep Leaf’s insulated lunch bags, made from 100% organic cotton canvas and with a waterproof food-safe liner within, is that perfect solution, especially when you consider that it’s spill-proof and machine washable. Pack an entire three course meal and a drink in this, go ahead.

Shop at Naiise.

Kate Spade Lunch Totes, USD30


For those who have yet to explore Kate Spade’s Home section, we recommend a quick peek, lest you spiral down the endless options offered by the fashion brand. We happened upon these lunch totes on one of those random jaunts — there’s just something oh-so-elegant about a blush pink lunch tote, complete with a coated-linen cover, insulated interior and easy-carry handle.

Shop at Kate Spade online.

Colony Co.  Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag, USD23

Then again, if the old brown paper bag is more your thing, Colony Co. does a quirky reusable version of it. This smart play on the classic takeout “accessory” is now made of heavy-duty waxed canvas for stain-resistant and easy-cleaning durability, plus stitching and seam work that’s built to last. No fancy zippers or buckles either, just the fill it up and roll the top down like you would your McDonald’s takeaway.

Shop at Colony Co. online.

Baggu Reusable Bags (Standard), $19

Baggu is a familiar brand known for their funky recyclable bags, which stand out from the crowd because these are available in limelight-stealing fresh designs and cute graphics. But that’s not all. These are made from lightweight ripstop nylon that you can fold up and carry around, and then unwrap during your grocery run, knowing that it holds 2 – 3 times more than the average grocery bag; they’re machine-washable too. With daisies and tropical fruits adorning their latest Spring collection, why would anyone still go for single-use plastic bags?

Shop at Actually — leave them a DM on their Instagram page to purchase.


Snack bags

Stasher Silicone Bags, from $68 for a bundle

Stasher’s reusable silicone bags are a brand name itself, known for being a sustainable way to pack your on-the-go snacks, and one of the best alternatives to throwaway ziploc bags since they’re made of platinum silicone that lasts multiple uses. We think the ingenuity is in its sleek design; you can clip them shut, the sheer packaging allows you to see what’s inside in a glance, while shades like mint, moonstone and terracotta are fun and visually appealing, and made with food-safe dyes. On top of stashing fruits, biscuits and sandwiches, you can also chuck them right into your freezer, microwave, oven, or dishwasher without worry.

Shop at The Paper Bunny.

Keep Leaf Snack Bag, $11.50 – $13.50

More reusable snack bags to consider, Keep Leaf’s food wraps are an easy option for to-go sandwiches, bagels, nuts, and we’ve even seen them used for Prima Deli peanut butter waffles. After all, they’re lined with a waterproof layer to keep food fresh for longer, and an easy but secure velcro closure. Best part is, the sheer amount of cute designs available, from robots to flowers and cheery fruit fabric.

Shop at Naiise.

Full Circle ZipTuck Reusable Bags, $11.39

To be honest, ziploc bags are a great invention, if only we can forget how many of those we use then immediately throw away. To combat that, Full Circle’s ZipTuck bags could be a better, more sustainable option. These are declared food-safe and BPA-free, while still having a leak-proof and air-tight seal design that holds even liquid. You can easily wash these for reuse, plus these dinosaur, monsters and emoji designs would make any kid’s (or grown-up kid’s) day!

Shop at Amazon SG.


To store food

Minimakers Beeswax Wraps

Think of this as an eco-friendly alternative to cling wrap. These Minimakers wraps are handcrafted in Singapore using 100% premium cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin, and are washable, compostable, and reusable up to 12 months. Some uses for them include wrapping up cheese blocks and avocados, noodles, snacks, sandwiches, salads and leafy vegetables, as well as loaves of bread, to keep them fresher without the single-use plastics. Once again, the designs of these wraps totally make going sustainable worth it — tropical fruits, flowers, and animals are all represented in these artistic prints.

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Kate Spade Containers, USD30

Yes, there isn’t anything remotely innovative about these food storage containers isn’t anything, but you’ve still got to appreciate how classy they will look on your kitchen counter. Kate Spade has other similarly chic ones on their online store, which you might be tempted by.

Shop at Kate Spade online for the Deco Dot 2pc Round Containers.