The Smoothest, Softest Pillowcases and Sheets To Instantly Upgrade Your Bed

Sprucing up your home has got to be more important than ever, especially now that most of us are spending 99% of our time in the house. Well, we’ve got home offices and home furnishings out of the way, so it’s about time we dived into our next dream home upgrade — soft, fluffy sheets, worthy of a good night’s sleep.

Bed linen is of great priority if you’re looking for less tossing and turning, and more hours of healthy REM sleep. Why do you think we look forward to hotel stays so much? Their far superior quality bedsheets, of course, which you can now consider getting for your own bed.

Many of these brands we’re recommending aim to change the way we conventionally consider bedsheets. For one, high thread count may not be the most important factor. Also, good bedsheets can be more affordable than you think, with plenty of direct-to-consumer brands now in the market, including some homegrown ones. With sustainable practices and an honest-to-you approach, these brands prove that you don’t need to pay through the nose for a quality, comfortable set.

Things to look out for
  • Thread Count — This refers to the total number of yarns per square inch of fabric. It’s been said that the higher the thread count (over 1,000), the more luxurious your bedsheets are, which is true… to an extent. Ultimately, it’s the actual thread that matters most. A sheet of a better-quality fibre with a lower thread count will feel softer and stand up to washing better than a sheet of a lower-quality fibre with a higher thread count.
  • Material — Common ones include cotton, linen, bamboo, as well as silk and satin for pillowcases. Most bedsheets are made of cotton, but even the quality of the cotton makes a difference. Materials such as bamboo and French linen are more environmentally-friendly as well.
  • For Cotton Bedsheets — Look out for keywords such as “Long-Staple Cotton” that refers to the length of the cotton fibre and “Single-Ply Yarn”  that implies higher-grade fibres, both of which lead to strong, smooth sheets that last. Shorter fibres can poke out of the weave, hence coarser fabric, while multi-ply cotton is usually of a lower grade fabric.
  • Finish — The details, such as buttons, openings, elastic bands, and closures, basically how your sheets are sewn together, contribute to how long-lasting your sheets will be.

1. Brooklinen

Types: Classic Percale, Luxe Sateen, Linen sheets

This Internet-favourite bed linen brand, founded in Brooklyn, New York, has all the hallmarks of a good start-up: a direct-to-consumer model that prioritises both quality and fair pricing, an Internet-savvy marketing strategy, and oh yes, that enthusiasm to revolutionise the way we think about -insert cause here-. In this case, Brooklinen wants to change our ideas of what defines a set of bedsheets — that don’t need to pay through the nose for a comfortable, quality set.

Their classic, luxe, and linen sheets are all made with long-staple cotton, known for stronger, finer yarns and produce smooth and supple weaves; single-ply yarn is also used for their cotton bedding to ensure maximum quality. If you have the time, their About page is a treasure trove of useful information on sheet quality.

For the Classic Percale series, you’re ensured a matte finish that has a cool, crisp and breathable feel, making it especially apt for our tropical weather due to its lightweight nature. As for the Sateen weave featured in the Luxe collection, you’ll be getting a more tightly-woven weave, which makes the sheets feel more silky and buttery upon touch, along with a luminous sheen that spells understated glamour. We previously gave it a try, so click here for our review of their sheets.

Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle, from USD189 ; Luxe Hardcore Bundle, from USD219 ; Linen Hardcore Bundle, from USD423

2. Sunday Bedding

Types: Bamboo sateen, French Linen, 100% organic cotton, cotton sateen sheets

A local brand founded on the basis of well-made, well-priced sheets that can be delivered directly to your doorstep — Sunday Bedding started as a solution to the founders’ frustrations while looking for quality bedsheets. Alex Fan and Clara Teo  understand how easy it is to get lost in jargon such as ‘thread count’ and ‘weave’, hence built a business that committed to bedsheets that easily show off quality, while also being ethical and sustainable.

That is an important commitment — the focus here are their Bamboo and French Linen lines, which are more friendly to our environment compared to regular cotton. Bamboo rayon uses uses 80% less water than cotton, while French Linen is derived from flax, a multi-functional plant that sees no part wasted in its harvest. They’re also moving their cotton products towards GOTS-certified organic cotton, while the sheets are safely made without any harmful chemicals or synthetics in Hong Kong.

On top of that, bamboo is also particularly suited to our weather — warm sleepers will appreciate how it wicks away sweat, while more soft and pliable compared to silk as well, so you won’t be tossing and turning the night away. The recent LINES & MOVEMENT collaboration, with Oh Culture Studio, is a great subtle showstopper for its fluid lines and organic shapes — also double-sided — but you can also opt for their plain sheets in various pleasing colours.

Lines & Movement Bamboo Sheet Set, from $233 ; French Linen Set, from $340 ; Bamboo Sheet Set, from $268

3. Weavve

Types: Cotton, Tencel™ sheets

We’ve got another local start-up on our list, and this time, with a mantra of ‘great sheets should be for everyone’, Weavve is ready to make your money’s worth. After all, founder Ryan and Dan work directly with factories and eliminate middlemen costs such as expensive marketing and retail rentals, in order to present quality bedsheets at reasonable prices. Now, we’re talking about extra-long staple, single-ply cotton fibres and fine 100 yarn threads as well, which give stronger, comfortable sheets. Like most of the brands here, they’re also very upfront about the behind-the-scenes process and materials that go into each precious set of bed linen, so you, as the consumer, will be able to make the most educated choices.

You’ll feel that difference in their 100% cotton Sateen Sheets, made for a  buttery-smooth feel with a subtle luminous finish; the sheets themselves get softer after every wash too.

The brand also gives us the option of Tencel™ bed linen — a sustainable option made from 100% sustainably-sourced eucalyptus wood, while water and over 99% of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process are recycled in a closed loop process. Their good-quality Tencel™ Lyocell fibres also stand out for very breathable sheets that can regulate body temperatures and keep you cool, while its natural structure is often praised for a silky and luxurious feel that’s more gentle than regular cotton and linen. Babies, as well as those with sensitive skin or allergies, might enjoy its hypoallergenic qualities too.

Cotton Classic Set, from $149 ; Tencel™ Classic Set, from $199


Type: Organic Cotton sheets

With just one type of bed linen offered, we can appreciate the minimalist, no-nonsense approach of local label SOJAO — all they’re focused on is organic cotton bedsheets that look great, feel good, and are ethically-made, at a price point most people can afford. Years of research and a deep dive into the bedding industry later, best friends and co-founders Priscilla and Janice finally found a product that works, and they’re passing on that joy to us.

Their aim is to not only help us achieve a good night’s rest, but also to care for the entire supply chain of their product, right down to cotton farmers and their families. Hence, the choice of ethically-sourced organic cotton.

These come GOTS-certified, as organic cotton crops are grown without harmful chemicals that do not poison the water, soil, or air. There are also substantial benefits to consider with the organic material — they are hypoallergenic, largely due to the lack of trapped chemical residue or chemical additives, while environmentally-friendly dyes without toxic fabric finishes that might cause skin irritation, are also used.

Organic cotton plants also produce longer-staple cotton fibres for stronger yarn and more durable fabric. One small detail you’ll notice: little freckles on your sheets, that are actually bits of seeds caught in the weaving process! All this leaves us with incredibly soft sheets, so we can sleep easy.

Classic Bundle Set, from $198

5. Cottoncrumbs

Types: Tencel™ sheets

Cottoncrumbs understands the importance of a good night’s sleep — especially when they’ve noted that Singaporeans are among the third most sleep-deprived people in the world. Oops. Well, the new kid on the block wants to at least make sure we get quality sleep. Launched in June 2021, the homegrown bedding and home textiles brand is here with functional and eco-friendly bedding sets, sheets, sleeping and decor pillows, even throwovers and bed covers, for a well-rounded approach to sleep that’ll please the eye as well.

For their sheets, they’ve opted for extra-fine Lenzing Tencel, a fabric that’s more breathable than cotton, while remaining gentle on the skin; it’s also produced from sustainably-sourced wood so you know you won’t be causing more harm to the environment. As for the prized thread count, they’ve gone for an appropriate 300, that when combined with  the properties of extra fine 60 yarn, single ply long threads, ensure that the sheets you’ll be sleeping on are soft and silky, instead of stiff and dense. 

Certain design elements also make the fitted sheets a dream on your bed — functional side pockets, on both sides, do away with the need for a bedside table, while polyester drawstrings and extra deep pockets are made to keep your sheets firmly in place.

Fixed Set, from $114 

6. Slip

Type: Silk pillowcases

We’ve previously covered innovative solutions that’ll give you smoother hair, and you can bet that Slip’s silk pillowcases are high on that list. Known for being a beauty secret of celebrity hairstylists — yes we’re aware of the irony — their pillowcases are made with the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk and non-toxic dyes, which give us a whole list of benefits.

Why silk? Ordinary pillowcases may often cause your hair to tangle up overnight, whereas the smooth quality of silk has been shown to reduce friction, so your hair and skin glides along without discomfort.

On top of that, these pillowcases are touted to be anti-ageing and anti-sleep crease; with less friction you’re obviously getting a smoother surface that does not tug on your skin, while the less absorbent quality of silk means that your precious face creams and oils will stay on your skin for longer. Silk also feels cooler upon contact, which helps with thermal regulation and a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase, $130