Trendy Press-On Nails and Nail Wraps For A Fuss-Free Manicure & Pedicure Treat

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve last stepped into our nail salons for our manis and pedis, and even if it seems like our nails have withstood the test of time over these past few weeks, we have to admit, we do miss having our long claws and toenails being cared for.

As you start to miss the sound of your nails going clickety-clack on your phones and keyboards, there are still options out there for you to get your nails fixed without leaving the house. In this roundup, we’ve gathered a wide range of nail options, from press-on nails to nail wraps, for that instant manicure that you’ve been longing for to tide you through the lockdown.


Dash Diva Rose Glitter ($16.90)

It’s known for a fact that painting your own nails requires some level of skill no matter how stable your hands are. Thankfully enough, with press-on nails, you’ll get to achieve your favourite designs that are more complex with little to no effort. For example, this set by Dashing Diva. Whether you’re looking to go short with a nude finish or long with a bold combi, Dashing Diva has it all. These 1-second gel nails take little to no time applying and it fits comfortably with its ergonomic design and requires no glue — which also means you won’t even have to dry them too!

The store also offers Gloss Gel Strips with designs that range from subtle nudes, to fun and playful designs that you can experiment with at an affordable price point.

Check out Dashing Diva for more info.


Elegant Touch Totally Bare Stiletto Nails ($9)

If your plans of picking up something new during this CB include improving your art skills then you should look into designing your own nails with this press-on set by Elegant Touch. The Totally Bare Nails set lives up to its name with its plain, natural-styled nails that are left blank to paint or decorate with. The brand also offers an assortment of press-on nail designs for you to choose from as well as nail decals that come as pre-cut nail stencils — used as a topper to spruce up your bare nails.

Check out Elegant Touch on ASOS or Lookfantastic for more info.

3. KISS New York

Kiss New York Press & Go Gel Nails PNG20J ($14.90)(right)

Press and go nails are one of the latest trending beauty items at the moment for two reasons: 1) it takes little or no time to apply, and 2) it’s fuss-free and it’s perfect even for beginners. With these press-ons by KISS New York, you can achieve that manicure that you haven’t been able to bring yourself to do at the nail salon. With nails that promise a super-strong hold — thanks to its dual layer adhesive — you can be sure that these sets will be able to last you through the week, and have you looking glam ’round the clock.

Check out KISS New York on Guardian for more info.


Nodspark Abstract Petals ($15)

While you tide through these tough times, you should also be paying more attention to your self-care routine — which also includes having your nails done even when you can’t visit your nail salon. For a fuss-free nail makeover, look over to homegrown label, Nodspark, for their signature nail wraps. From basic, pastel shades to intricate patterns and unique designs, Nodspark has got you (and your nails) covered. It’s so simple — all you need to do is to stick the wraps on, and file away the excess for the perfect mani! A perfect activity that you can try out when you’re having some me-time or even as an activity with your daughter.

Check out Nodspark for more info.


Gelato Factory Champagne Coral ($14.99)

Even if you’re not one who frequents the nail salons because of its exorbitant prices, you can still achieve the salon nails at home by yourself without burning a hole in your wallet. Introducing Gelato Factory. After having made a name for itself for its extensive range of nail wraps for your mani and pedi, the brand has gained a cult following ever since its launch in 2017. Within their collections, you’ll find affordably priced designs that don’t compromise on quality. Each set also comes with a filing kit to facilitate the ease of application onto your nails.

Check out Gelato Factory for more info.

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