Uniqlo Is Launching With Pokémon & monpoké UT Collections Online

This coming June, as we all look forward to the gradual dismantling of Circuit Breaker, we can all also anticipate the launch of new Uniqlo UT collections — With Pokémon and monpoké, available online from 15 June, along with the Daniel Arsham x Pokémon UT collection we’ve previously covered.


With Pokémon UT Collection

From left to right: with Pokémon UT Women’s T-shirt ($19.90), with Pokémon Ut Men’s T-shirt ($19.90).

Do you know how to tell apart a male and female Pikachu? If your answer’s no, then you can always get these fun t-shirts for women and men that depict the differences between the genders of the iconic Pokémon (spot the difference)!

Top row: with Pokémon UT Women’s t-shirts ($19.90 each).
Bottom row: with Pokémon Ut men’s t-shirts ($19.90 each).

You can also expect to find an array of colourful graphic motifs of other characters from Pokémon Red and Green in this line-up for men and women, celebrating the key philosophies — adventure, discovery, and friendship that have made a beloved significant presence in our childhoods. Which makes for a nice throwback that we can add to our wardrobes, and a timely reminder to keep up with good vibes as we head towards new beginnings.

Top row: with Pokémon UT kids t-shirts ($14.90 each).
Bottom row: with Pokémon UT kids Steteco easy shorts ($12.90 each).

For the kids, there are highlighted t-shirts depicting Pokémon from the latest versions of the game — Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, that they’ll definitely go crazy over. The unisex Steteco loungewear that’s exclusively for kids, features a fun melange of some of Pokémon’s most distinctive icons and legendary characters in all-over motifs, that are as delightful to look at as they are for the kids to wear.


monpoké UT Collection

Monpoké UT babies’ t-shirts ($14.90 each).

monpoké — the Pokémon Japanese brand for babies, have something for the littlest ones in this UT collection too! Adorably designed t-shirts featuring Pikachu, Dedenne, Smeargle, Mime Jr., and Ludicolo in softly coloured t-shirts will make a conclusive finishing touch for the entire family to coordinate outfits and look like the picture-perfect Pokémon loving family.


The with pokémon and monpoké UT collection will be available from 15 June ONLINE.
The Daniel Arsham x pokémon UT collection will be available from 15 June ONLINE.