You can now order MUJI online for all your Everyday Items

Once upon a time, Muji Singapore had an online store, and it was glorious. The e-commerce site ceased operations on Christmas Day 2017 (has it been that long?), but since last month with the circuit breaker, Muji has been taking orders for their furniture, and only just this week, included other household goods and essentials. 

How to shop?

1. Check out their online catalog of the items available for purchase.
2. Fill in this Order Form.
3. Proceed to payment.

There’s a delivery charge of $20 for orders below $200, and free delivery for orders $200 and above.

Now while we would love to have our house look like this…

…it’ll take an overhaul of our living space throwing everything out and replacing all furniture and home accessories with the above. While that’s a nice thought, it’s not practical for most of us. Instead, let Muji bring small joys into your #stayhome life with little solutions.

Here are some pieces that I have around the home that have improved my life, and are available on the online catalog:

PP ONE HANDLE PAIL WHITE ($5.90) — This is an excellent scoop; very sturdy and deep so there’s less spillage.
PP BATH STOOL WHITE ($16) — The perfect height as a stool, and for little kids to stand on to reach the sink.
POLYPROPYLENE BUCKET WITH LID ($13) — This pail becomes useful under-the-sink storage when not in use.

($43) — An essential in the bathroom, this has both a regular and magnifying mirror. There’s a smaller version as well if you prefer.
COTTON BUDS 200PCS ($2.60) — The best cotton buds I’ve used. These are packed firm, they absorb liquids well and don’t shed.
COTTON PILE THIN HAND TOWEL DARK BROWN 34*35cm ($3.90) — Muji towels are really soft and absorbant, and come in classic colours like this dark brown.

PP MAKEUP BOX ($4.90) — This unassuming plastic box is one of the most useful things I have in the house. they are great for storing random things I need by the bed side, for essentials in the kid’s room, or small toys, stationery, makeup, kitchenware… the list goes on.

($7.30) — Did you know that Muji’s eyelash curler is really, really good? Check out this piece I wrote on it HERE.

STACKING CHEST / 2 DRAWERS / WALNUT W37*D28*H37cm ($129) /
STACKING CHEST / 4 DRAWERS / WALNUT W37*D28*H37cm ($149) /
STACKING CHEST / 4 DRAWERS / WALNUT W37*D28*H37cm ($149) — These drawers help me stay neat and organised. I really like that i can slowly build my Muji bookcase over time; adding new drawer inserts individually.

LED CLOTHS SHADE STAND LIGHT/ASH ($169) — This cloth lamp is simple and classic, and fits nicely into most home aesthetics. It’s great as a “mood lamp” as well, because it gives off a nice soft glow that makes any room immediately cosy.

AROMA DIFFUSER ($89) — Here’s another hard-working product that every household would benefit from; just add water and a few drops of essential oil to enhance the air around you (I suggest peppermint oil that clears a stuffed nose). It also doubles up as a night light with two brightness settings.

PORTABLE AROMA DIFFUSER ($59) — While the aroma diffuser goes into the kid’s room, This one sits on the table next to my bed. While it doesn’t blow off steam like the larger version, it does emit a faint scent of whatever essential oil is used inside.

MAGNET BAR ($3) — This magnetic bar is super useful for securely pinning things to the fridge; like this monthly calendar, school spelling lists and more.

HEAT PROOF GLASS MUG ($7.30) / HEAT PROOF GLASS MUGCUP ($7.90) — I fell in love with Muji’s glass mugs the minute I saw them; they are quite dainty though, so be careful not to slam them down on the table.


Check out Muji’s full online catalog here.