CHEFMADE’s Kawaii Pink Hello Kitty Cookware Is Now Available On Shopee, For Up To 50% Off

Hello Kitty has been around for 46 years, and from luxury bags to phone cases, we certainly can’t get enough of the adorable character, so why stop at fashion and accessories?

CHEFMADE has launched a pink Hello Kitty cookware collection, ranging from an ice cream mould that will create frozen popsicles shaped like the beloved character, to pretty baking tools like whisks and sieves that will make your baking even more Instagrammable.

1. CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Egg White Yolk Separator ($14.99 U.P. $27.98)
2. CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Pastry Cutters ($14.99 U.P. $27.98)
3. CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Silicone Spatula ($19.99 U.P. $33.98)

What’s a Hello Kitty collection without the famous cat herself? Every piece in the collection features the Sanrio character, on top of a lovely Kitty-inspired baby pink shade. Whether you’re a Hello Kitty fan, a dedicated baker or you just love pink, there’s no doubt this collection will bring a little kawaii to the kitchen.

1. CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl ($35.99 U.P. $71.98)
2. CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Kitchen Timer ($27.98 U.P. $51.78)
3. CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Silicone Pastry Board ($23.99 U.P. $43.98)

Some of our favourites from the collection include the mixing bowl, kitchen timer and pastry board. The stainless steel mixing bowl features a non-slip base and handle, which will make the mixing process easier for any baker, and might give you another reason to have your little ones helping you out in the kitchen.

Another handy helper is the mechanical kitchen timer — with no batteries required, set the timer for up to 55 minutes with just the turn of a dial. Its magnetic base is also useful for easy and convenient storage on the fridge or any other metal surface.

The silicone pastry board is probably the most useful of all, with temperature, weight and measurement conversions printed on the mat, along with ruled measurements in both inches and centimetres to help bakers to ensure consistent sizing while they’re baking.


1. CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Non-Stick Bread Mould ($36.99 U.P. $73.98)
2. CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Mesh Sieve (from $17.99 U.P. $35.98)
3. CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Semi-Automatic Flour Sieve ($23.99 U.P. $47.98)

1. CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Non-Slip Stainless Steel Whisk ($17.99 U.P. $35.98)
2. CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Silicone Ice Cream Mould ($25.99 U.P. $51.98)

All products are FDA-certified and made from food-grade, safe to use materials. Available on CHEFMADE’s Official Shopee Store, save up to 50% off each item in the collection, for a limited time.

Check out CHEFMADE’s Hello Kitty Cookware Collection on Shopee.