Father’s Day Gift Guide: Jewellery Your Dad Will Wear Every Day

Over the last couple years, while the rigid codes that govern masculinity and manliness when it comes to appearances have quite noticeably loosened up, we’d dare say that most dads haven’t quite caught on.

Most corporate environments are conservative and discourage outlandish jewellery and dressing.

For example, if the thought of your dad wearing a fairly discreet piece of jewellery like a horoscope pendant necklace seems out of question, then that’s exactly our point. But we have to take into consideration too, that if he works in a corporate environment, where it’s generally frowned upon to bling it up, then it’s very much a valid explanation for him to lean towards a more conservative look.

So how exactly does one go about getting dads jewellery for Father’s Day?

Clockwise from top left: Tom Wood Cushion Sterling Silver Ring ($485), Bottega Veneta Sterling Silver Signet Ring ($538), Bunney Hammered Sterling Silver Signet Ring ($564).

Likely, for most men, the only piece of jewellery that they have no qualms about wearing would be their wedding band — which besides signalling to others the commitments he’s made, also serves as his personal sentimental reminder and a lifelong keepsake. And here’s where you should take cues from when considering getting him jewellery.

Clockwise from top left: Alexander McQueen Blackened Palladium-Plated Ring ($406), Tom Wood Bean Sterling Silver Ring ($290), Le Gramme Le 5 Brushed Sterling Silver Ring ($305).

Simply put, just keep it — relatively — simple. Invest in quality metals and discreet styles that require little maintenance (dads aren’t usually the type to be too fussy with caring for their jewellery). Bonus points if the jewellery also promises to remain tarnish-free from his unattentive handling over time.

Clockwise from top left: Peyote Bird Sterling Silver, 14-Karat Gold and Diamond Bracelet ($509), Gucci Logo-Detailed Burnished Sterling Silver Bracelet ($692), Alexander McQueen Logo-Detailed Ivy Silver-Tone Cuff ($406).

In this article, you’ll find a selection of tastefully-designed jewellery made in wear-resistant metals and masculine leather that we believe would appeal to your dad. Rings and bracelets will work best if you’re looking for a failsafe option. Signet rings in particular — a popular feature of gentlemen’s style —  would definitely add a nice characteristic touch to a dad’s fuss-free go-to look.

Clockwise from top left:  Swarovski ALTO BRACELET, LEATHER, BLACK, MIXED METAL FINISH ($149.50), Swarovski ALTO BRACELET, GRAY, STAINLESS STEEL ($149), Swarovski GESTURE BRACELET, LEATHER, GRAY, STAINLESS STEEL ($149.50), TOM FORD Woven Leather and Gold-Tone Wrap Bracelet ($423).

You’ll likely notice that we’ve featured more silver-tone pieces here, and that’s because they pair better with most business formal colours without being glaringly eye-catching in the way gold-tone pieces can sometimes be.

We’d admit it, most men’s jewellery rarely comes in the most exciting designs, and that’s fine, since ostentatious pieces probably wouldn’t fly with dads anyway. And at the end of the day, what matters is that these tokens of appreciation in our round-up would be something your dad would want to wear and be reminded of your love every day.


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