HEYTEA Food Lab Makes Its Debut With 4 Delicious Pastries To Go With Their Bubble Tea

While we all love our daily bubble tea fix, sometimes it feels like there’s something missing. Debuting 4 delicious pastries, HEYTEA Food Lab is here to make our afternoon snack breaks even better. The original inventor of Cheezo Tea, HEYTEA’s Food Lab is the chain’s first venture into food, launching with a selection of freshly baked goods that have been specially crafted to go along with some of your favourite HEYTEA drinks.

First on the list is the classic Golden Croissant ($3.60). The fluffy pastry is flaky and golden on the outside and is sure to bring some satisfaction to your tastebuds. Great to have on its own, but even better when paired with HEYTEA’s Taro Bobo, a fresh blend of taro with fresh milk and chewy Bobo pearls.

For a sweet upgrade, try out the Chocolate Croissant ($4.20), which features the same golden pastry as its classic partner, but is filled and drizzled with rich chocolate that oozes out with every bite. Pair it with the Aqua Green Cheezo, a combination of jasmine green tea, chocolate and the chain’s signature cheese foam.

For those with an even bigger sweet tooth, go for the Butterscotch Chip Muffin ($3.20). The buttery muffin is filled with sweet and savoury butterscotch bits, which will go great with the Very Grape Cheezo, which has an Aqua Green tea base mixed with juicy fresh grapes, topped with creamy cheese foam.

Lastly, the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie ($2) is a treat all chocolate lovers will appreciate. With a sinful dark chocolate base and milk chocolate bits, this cookie has the perfect balance of bitter and sweet flavours. For a refreshingly sweet experience, pair it with the Strawberry Cheezo, which features a green tea base mixed with strawberries, accompanied by creamy cheese foam.

HEYTEA Food Lab’s selection of baked goods is exclusively available at the ION Orchard and Westgate outlets. Self-collection is also available via the HEYTEA GO mobile application (for iOS), Foodpanda or GrabFood.