Introducing BondCable — A Smart Cable That Folds Onto Itself

If you’re like me, you’d probably have experienced the frustration of tangled cables or the struggle of having to neatly wind your cables up so that you can fasten a cable tie over them.

Understanding this first-world problem that we often face, the team at CleverThings have created their inaugural product known as the BondCable — a flat-profile cable that is able to fold onto itself without additional fasteners or fancy mechanism.

How does it work?

How to use the BondCable. (Image courtesy of CleverThings/Kickstarter)

The BondCable has a unique grooved cable profile which allows the cables to interlock with each other naturally as you coil it up, relieving stress or pressure that comes with excessive twisting and flexing. After it is coiled up, you’ll just need to squeeze the cable together for it to keep its compact shape.

The BondCable’s easy management also makes it an ideal portable cable which you can bring out with you for use anytime, anywhere.

How different is the BondCable from other cables?

🔌 It is 20% longer than your regular standard cables, measuring at 1.2 metres

🔌 It is strength-tested and is able to intake up to 2kg in weight

🔌 It has a reversible USB-A head which means no more forcing it in the wrong way

🔌 It is tested for extra strength and durability (10K bending test and 10K insertion test)

🔌 It does not require additional fasteners or fancy mechanism to keep the cables tidy and tangle-free

🔌 The BondCable is MFi certified and produced by Apple-certified manufacturers

What are the available variations of the BondCable?

Different variations of the BondCable. (Image courtesy of CleverThings/Kickstarter)

All BondCables are fast charging and can transfer data. They are available in the following variations:

👉 USB-C to USB-A
👉 USB-C to USB-C
👉 Micro-USB to USB-A
👉 Lightning to USB-A
👉 Lightning to USB-C

Where can I get the BondCable?

The BondCable. (Image courtesy of CleverThings/Kickstarter)

The BondCable is available for pre-order here from 16 June, 10pm under Kickstarter with an expected shipment date in early October 2020. The crowdfunding prices start from $14 for the non-Apple BondCable and $19 for the Lightning BondCable.

For more information, click here.


Banner image courtesy of CleverThings/Kickstarter.