Onitsuka Tiger Announces Willow Smith as Their Latest Brand Ambassador!

World-renowned Japanese sportswear label Onitsuka Tiger has appointed Willow Smith as their latest brand ambassador! As seen in the label’s Fall/Winter 2020 campaign, Willow is depicted in choice pieces from the collection in a surrealist natural landscape.

The breathtaking otherworldly universe aforementioned is said to represent the musician’s “natural beauty and strength as well as her love for the Earth which oozed from the bottom of her soul.”

This latest collection by Onitsuka Tiger is a noteworthy one for several reasons. First, for pushing the limits of functional sportswear aesthetics far beyond its expected boundaries. Done so, by fusing pop art and fashionable silhouettes, with the best of athletic performance materials.

And it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine how the pieces featured in this campaign are meant to accurately mirror the many talents of their multi-faceted brand ambassador too. Which comes across as both a subtle and yet ingenious way for the label to pay homage to the impressive achievements by Willow Smith.

Of this, Onitsuka Tiger has this to say for the appointment, “Willow Smith is a woman blessed with universal humanism and excellent creativity, going beyond the limits of Generation Z or Millennials. We feel a strong affinity and joy as a brand that we can collaborate with someone who has both a unique perspective on society, intelligence and (ability to) share (these) messages globally.”

Recounting on her experience in this debut as Onitsuka Tiger’s brand ambassador, Willow says, “I immediately connected with Onitsuka Tiger’s vision for their new campaign. I loved that we were able to align both of our energies and create something that promotes a positive existence in this world. I’m excited for the future of the brand.”

That this appointment comes announced during this current global social climate is probably no coincidence. And if there’s one thing we can take away from Willow, is that we think a positive, brave new future is already here.


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