Pastel Nintendo Switch Covers And Accessories To Personalise Your Device

Been into gaming lately? Whether it’s online games played over virtual Zoom sessions with your friends, or the recently-launched The Last of Us Part II on the PS4, we’ve all gotten more reliant on entertainment devices during this extended stay-home period. Don’t blame us! Games can often be stress-relieving, as the massive popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has proven.

In fact, sales of the Nintendo-only game, where users design islands over soothing music, has led to a huge demand for — and subsequent global shortage of — the Nintendo Switch console. So, if you’ve gotten yourself a new Switch recently, congrats! You’re now ready for this next step: personalising your device.

Omo Skins — Pastel Hard Shell Case for the Nintendo Switch

The red, blue and black shades on the original Switch are certainly iconic, but if you want your device looking sweeter, prettier, or simply more unique, there’s a whole marketplace out there for hard shell cases and silicone skins. This pastel ombré design for instance, from Omo Skins, a website we heard about via some not-so-subtle advertising on Instagram.


Omo Skins

Of course, we had to check it out. The site ships internationally and features an array of Nintendo Switch case designs and accessories on their homepage. Not much is known about the brand, except its straightforward manifesto of “cute Nintendo Switch accessories”, which I suppose, they do deliver on perfectly. Here are 3 categories we’ve noticed:

1 — Pastel Hard Shell Cases

Pastel Hard Shell Case for the Nintendo Switch, $45.91

Hard shell cases for the Nintendo Switch come in Blue/Pink or Pink/Purple ombré designs for the Switch’s body and two accompanying Joy-Cons. While intended as a sturdy, protective cover, the muted tones can also transform the ordinary look of your device. They’ve assured us that the case will easily fit inside your Switch dock as well.

Pastel Hard Shell Case for the Nintendo Switch Lite, $34.78

If you’re a proud owner of the more affordable Nintendo Switch Lite though, there are also pastel hard shell covers in similar ombré tones that you can slip over your device. Ergonomic designs make long hours of gameplay more comfortable, while the slim 1mm width and precision cuts ensure that your buttons and ports still work without you having to remove the case.

2 — Thumb Stick Cap Covers

Sakura Flower Joy-Con Thumb Grip Cap Cover, $22.25

Made out of silicone, these thumb grip cap covers are meant for you to decorate your Joy-Con with, say, if you want to add just a subtle flair without a complete overhaul. Oh, and so you won’t wear out the original silicone rubber grips of course. Pink and white sakura flowers also give a feminine touch to an otherwise neutral design.

3 — Animal Crossing Designs

Animal Crossing Switch Skin, $32 ; Animal Crossing Switch Lite Skin, $23.64

For fans of the game who might not want to shell out on a limited edition Animal Crossing Switch design, these would ideal. For the Nintendo Switch, a bunch of familiar, friendly faces from the Nook family will greet you from your Switch dock, while the mint, sea-blue and cream shades are represented on your device, in the form of high-quality vinyl stickers. The Lite design has a similar design, though the sticker now goes on seamlessly across the back.

Similar Designs on Shopee

Still, we’ve very sure that we’ve seen similar designs before on e-retailers such as Shopee and Lazada — lo and behold, a quick search reveals a haul of much more affordable designs, from as low as $1.20 for thumb stick cap covers, to less than $15 for protective cases. We’re not sure if these are from the same source as the Omo Skins ones, but they do look remarkably similar, even in styled product pictures. You be the judge.

Here, you’ll find the same pastel ombré designs ($10.99) for the Nintendo Switch Lite, which are elevated with an ergonomic grip, as well as a anti-scratch and wear-resistant material to minimise wear and tear. Again, they mention precise cuts so that your device can charge and cool effectively, without any unnecessary friction or obstructions. “Gradient Macaron” shades for the Nintendo Switch (from $9.99) are available too.

This is where it gets interesting — at least 75 different thumb stick grip caps ($1.20) designs for your Joy-Cons, which you can select based on your favourite fandom. The famous emblems from Spider-Man, Pokémon, Super Mario, and popular Animal Crossing characters are all available here, moulded in silicone rubber that prevents your sweaty thumbs from slipping mid-game.

Since we’re back on the topic of Animal Crossing, a set of themed silicone covers will only set you back a very reasonable $5.91.

And finally, high-quality silicone Joy-Con covers in 9 colour variants (from $2.52) for a Nintendo Switch revamp. On top of protecting it from everyday dust and scratches, the non-slip material improves your grip for a better gaming experience, there’s also an ergonomic back design, while you’ll get to enjoy a perfectly-cut mould that fits seamlessly over your current device, which you can remove to clean too.