Shopee’s 6.18 Great Global Sale Offers Big Discounts For Boba Ice Cream, FILA, Laneige And More!

The Great Shopee Sale is happening from June 6 to July 7, and we’re right in the middle of it. Coming right up though is an extra special day in the midst of it all — 18 June, also the date of Shopee’s 6.18 Great Global Sale! Shoppers can look forward to 29 flash deal time slots throughout the day, starting at midnight.

The Great Shopee Sale involves huge deals from over 1,000 brands, including global brands like Samsung, JBL, Laneige, Aprilskin and more. Shoppers can also redeem vouchers and participate in weekly giveaways worth up to $600 from foodpanda, Kkday and more. With Shopee’s Million Dollar Discount, shoppers can expect exclusive deals and slashed prices — all at Lowest Price Guaranteed!

During the 6.18 Great Global Sale however, on top of all the perks that are already happening, shoppers can also enjoy free shipping with no minimum spend, along with up to 80% off selections from innisfree, FILA, Huawei and more! You can also earn double points on your purchases, and get bonus points from purchasing from the Million Dollar Discount collection and checking out via Shopee Pay.

As we count down the hours till the start of the sale, here are a few picks that we’ve already added to our carts.

Food & Beverages

Tiger Sugar Brown Boba Milk Ice Cream ($55.60 for a bundle of 4)

No, the brown sugar craze hasn’t died down, and if it’s ice cream from Tiger Sugar, it’s probably going to be delicious. Each bar is essentially the milky Tiger Sugar Boba Milk we all know and love, but with an ice cream upgrade. These frozen treats are only available in bundles of 4, and since Phase 2 of post-Circuit Breaker is on it’s way, why not split the bundle with your family and friends?

Available at Shopee.

Hai Chi Jia Suan La Fen Mala Instant Noodles ($19.90 for a carton of 6)

Yet another food trend, these instant mala noodles have been at the top of every spice-lovers bucket list — we even tried them for ourselves. Each cup comes with springy potato noodles and 6 flavour-filled packets of vinegar, chili oil, peanuts and everything you need for your mala fix. These chewy noodles sure pack a punch, but they’re not as spicy as you might think. While they’ll definitely satisfy your mala cravings, even those with a lower spice tolerance will appreciate them.

Available at Shopee.


Xiaomi Mi Smart TV 43 Inch (from $365, U.P. $398-$464)

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your TV, now’s the time to do it! With 4K HDR resolution on a 43 inch screen, this particular model can also be placed either on a tabletop or wall-mounted, so you can choose what’s best for your living space.

Available at Shopee.

Razer Viper Mini Wired Gaming Mouse ($56.90, U.P. $69.90)

If you’ve been playing more computer games over the last couple months, you’re not alone. For those of you who have recently gotten into gaming, maybe it’s time for a little upgrade. A gaming mouse can really change the game when it comes to comfort, speed and precision, especially for games that require a lot of clicking.

Available at Shopee.


LANEIGE Dreamful Holiday Sleeping Mask Trio 25ml ($21, U.P. $40)

Try out this special holiday edition of LANEIGE’s best-selling sleeping masks. Featuring mini versions of the classic Water Sleeping Mask, Lavender Water Sleeping Mask and Cica Sleeping Mask, try this trio out before committing to a full-size, especially if you want to experiment and see which version you like best.

Available at Shopee.

CLIO Pro Eye Palette ($30.40, U.P. $47.80)

K-beauty fans may also want to check out CLIO’s versatile eyeshadow palettes. Each palette comes with 10 pigmented shades, with a range of matte, shimmery and glitter finishes. While there are several palettes available, our favourites are #03 Coral Talk and #04 Street Brick.

Available at Shopee.


FILA Tracer Chunky Sneakers ($126, U.P. $148)

Chunky sneakers are still trending, and FILA is usually the go-to choice. The Tracer Chunky Sneakers are cute, comfy and exclusively available online! While we still love the classic Disruptors, the Tracer looks a little more elegant with smoother lines and detailing, compared to the jagged Disruptor edges.

Available at Shopee.

Furla Metropolis M Satchel in Moonstone ($315, U.P. $875)

Did you know Shopee actually carries genuine luxury goods as well? Furla recently set up their official Shopee Mall store, and we’re excited for the deals coming our way. The Metropolis M Satchel in particular is a versatile bag that can be dressed up or down, no matter what the occasion.

Available at Shopee.

For The Kids

Kirby Headgear Pillow ($16.99, U.P. $29)

It can be hard getting your little ones to go to bed, but this adorable pillow might help. Featuring video game character Kirby and his iconic stretchy mouth, your kids may even start heading to bed early, just to spend more time with Kirby! The pillow also makes a great playtime prop — let their imagination run wild on adventures with Kirby.

Available at Shopee.

Children’s Protective Cap (from $3.59, U.P. from $5.80)

All parents want to keep their kids safe and sound, and this protective cap will do just that — who knew your child could get even more adorable?! Available in pink, yellow and orange, and all resembling cute round fruit, these caps will shield your toddler from the rain, sun and any undesirable elements in the air.

Available at Shopee.

Shopee’s 6.18 Great Global Sale is happening from 12AM to 11PM on June 18th. New Shopee users can use the code GREATGLOBALSALE for $7 off with a minimum spend of $15. Visit Shopee for more information.