Touch Bracelets, Friendship Lamps, And Other Modern Devices To Stay In Touch with Your Significant Other

In times like this when we’re all more divided than ever, some are finding it tough to pull through the reality of staying away from their partners over a prolonged period of time when they’re used to seeing each other on the daily. Who knew that last date night of yours to the movie was going to be your last before the lockdown dawned upon us all?

Thankfully, technology has been a saviour for those who are going through unexpected LDRs — and who knows, it might even be the reason your relationship might last the distance. Ahead, we’ve gathered some of the latest apps and gadgets that you can consider for you and your boo for your “long-distance relationship”.


It’s now possible to be in touch with your partner wherever you go, literally. These Long Distance Touch Bracelets keep you and your boo connected with a touch of your bracelet. All you need to do is to download the app and set it up before tapping it! When you do so, your partner’s bracelet lights up and vibrates so they will know you’re thinking about them. And who knows, when you start to get used to it, the both of you might just have your own Morse code.

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set, $98. Available at UncommonGoods.


A bendable vibrator to use with or without your partner? Why not? With our increasing need for physical closeness,investing in a toy like this We-Vibe Chorus vibrator might be something that the both of you can enjoy at the same time without having to meet with each other.

Fitted with touch-responsive controls and hands-free vibrations brings a whole new experience to your sex life. As a matter of fact, you can also connect the device on the We-Connect™ app which allows your partner to control the vibrator even when both of you are not together.

We-Vibe Chorus ($289.90) is available at


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You may be familiar with the Netflix Party extension but now there’s an app that rivals it. Introducing, Airtime. Unlike Netflix Party, where you can catch up on your favourite TV series, AirTime is a mobile-friendly app that allows you to watch content and video chat in real-time. The app also allows you to set up your own room with your friends or partner where you can share music, watch YouTube videos, stream live videos on Twitch and share photos.

Airtime is available on the App Store and on Google Play.


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Here’s something to light up your day with. These Long Distance Touch Lamp by Friend Lamps are simple — once connected to your Wi-Fi, these lamps glow and make the other half of the pair glow with any movement you make above the lamp. It may not seem much, but at least these lamps might make your day a little brighter knowing that your loved ones are thinking of you even when you’re miles apart.

Friendship Lamp — set of two (USD$188) available at


Miss falling asleep on his chest? Look over to this unique number by Little Riot. Instead of leaving your FaceTime conversation on till one falls asleep, you can now drift off to Dreamland to the sound of your partner’s heartbeat. In this set, you’ll find a set of speakers and wristbands to wear to bed. These bands then pick up your pulses, and the sounds of your heartbeats are then transmitted and amplified to your partner’s speakers in real-time. Talk about having a heart to heart conversation.

Long Distance Heartbeat Speaker ($265.55) is available on UncommonGoods.


If you can’t live a day or even a minute without your partner, there’s now an app dedicated to couples with separation anxiety. Send selfie-notes of sweet nothings with a single tap, detect togetherness when you’re hanging out, and if your partner’s overseas, you can easily access the weather and local time they’re in! Besides that, there are other functions that include their “Today” extension where you can view your partner’s last photo in the Today View located in the Notification centre. Basically, it’s an app that feeds your unhealthily clingy relationship that’s designed like a weather app but for your favourite person.

Without is now available on the App Store.