Wanderlust + Co’s ‘Sea of Light’ Jewellery And Other Freshwater Pearl Collections You’ll Love

If you’ve always sought to be that girl with a pearl earring, but perhaps lack the funds for such a lavish lifestyle, then it’s time we got acquainted with freshwater pearls. Follow enough high fashion jewellery brands on Instagram, and you’d have come across a recent trend — organically-shaped pearls paired with light gold jewellery, across dainty bracelets, necklaces and earrings that look like dream layering pieces.

No lie, that’s where we found ourselves too, lusting after Wanderlust + Co’s latest ‘Sea of Light’ collection, that is. The trendy, effortless pieces feature consciously-sourced freshwater pearls in minimalistic styles, meant as kind reminders for modern women to live with intention and take care of one another (and ourselves).

Wanderlust + Co: Sea of Light

First, a little bit on freshwater pearls though, which feature in plenty of affordable jewellery collections. These come from oysters that mature in lakes or ponds, as opposed to saltwater from the sea, and while not as prized since they’re more irregular and less uniformly round, we can appreciate their whimsical, organic shapes. More commonly produced and with lower cost prices, this perhaps explains why they’ve been embraced by demi-fine jewellery or fashion jewellery, especially since pearls still convey an image of refined elegance.

Ahead, the freshwater pearl jewellery collections you’ll soon be loving too, from Wanderlust + Co, and more local jewellery brands.

Wanderlust + Co

Take Breath Pearl Gold Earrings, $62.62 ; Kindred Pearl Drop Gold Earrings, $68.19

For Wanderlust + Co, their new lustrous drops see pearl accents on the brand’s signature 14k gold-plated recycled brass base, which also receives an e-coating so each nickel-free piece maintains a lasting shine. The pearls themselves are also sustainably sourced, while the collection sees two interchangeable series — Kindred Pearl, of fluid pieces inspired by the organic shape of pearls and featuring an imperfect gold nugget; and Take Breath, where the pearls are highlighted as statement gems. Either way, very wearable.

Seen here, the multi-functional Take Breath Pearl Earrings can be worn as both drop and stud earrings. In the same minimalist design direction, the Kindred Pearl Drop Earrings feature organically-shaped pendants, a pearl and nugget, hanging off the edge of a curved bar.

Sea of Light Gold Necklace, $68.19 ; Take Breath Gold Necklace, $82.10 ; Kindred Pearl Toggle Gold Necklace, $68.19

The necklaces here play up more of the pearl inspiration, often entwined and juxtaposed with chain and toggle designs. You can go for petite pearls in a row with the Sea of Light Necklace, which has a fully adjustable length by the way, or the solo pearl designs for more of a standout statement.

Pocketful Pearl Gold Necklace, $82.10 + Sea of Light Gold Bracelet, $68.19 ; Kindred Pearl Gold Bracelet, $76.54 ; Pocketful Pearl Gold Earrings, $54.27

Another necklace, the Pocketful Pearl Necklace, features a baroque pearl on a Hayley chain with circular links, which you can then pair with the versatile bracelets, designed to be adjustable so they can be worn on different wrist sizes.

Available online at wanderlustandco.com.

After / All

Alisa Pearl Drop Earrings, $25 ; Lizette Pearl Earrings, $15 ; Diosa Studs Earrings, $22

Afterall’s store at the heart of Orchard Road is known for displaying a dizzying array of jewellery, and though it’s been a while since we last stepped in there, we can still appreciate the sheer variety pieces sold online as well. Refined and modern, they present interesting ways to pull off pearls, whether the little nuggets are haphazardly arranged in a row and dangling off your ear, or undeniably understated even as oversized earrings surrounded by a woven gold design. Each piece is crafted with a metal alloy core and an antique gold finish, though with the earring posts made of 925 Sterling Silver so it’s suitable for most skin types.

Available online at afterallstudios.com.

The Ordinary Co.

Colette Pearl Drops, $39.90 ; Catarina Pearl Hoops, $19.90 ; Crete Pearl Earrings, $17.90

The Ordinary Co.’s designs are fawned over due to their fine balance of sophisticated, everyday designs, at everyday prices too. Of course, their pearl pieces are just as exquisite, whether we’re talking about a purposefully mismatched set of Crete Pearl Earrings, or the casual-cool of the Catarina Pearl Hoops. As for the Colette Pearl Drops, they’re part of the homegrown brand’s ‘A Little Less’ demi-fine jewellery line, of 18K gold vermeil, 925 silver and freshwater pearls in timeless designs.

Available online at theordinary.co.

By Invite Only

Gold Joanna Pearl Bracelet, $45 ; Gold Ellie Pearl Bracelet, $42 ; Gold Ellie Pearl Necklace, $45

This local jewellery brand’s known for beautifully crafted jewellery made with quality, non-toxic materials; they’re all free from nickel, lead and cadmium, so their pieces are safe for children and adults with sensitive skin, all without breaking the bank. The pearl pieces on their website happen to be a more delicate way of wearing genuine cream freshwater pearls — on the dainty Gold Ellie Pearl Necklace, they appear like tiny studs spaced out on the 18k gold-plated chain, while the bracelets are feminine yet subtle enough to be layered with other styles.

Available online at byinviteonly.info.