We Reviewed Apple’s Latest MacBook Air And Here’s What We Think

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to investing in a brand new laptop. But many are still fond of opting for notebooks from brands  like Apple, who have always been one of the few front runners in the industry — and for good reason. Over in March 2020, Apple announced the launch of its latest MacBook Air — the focal point being its price tag; taking on the title of arguably the least expensive laptop from Apple itself.

After a few months from its launch, we managed to get our hands on the latest MacBook Air 13-inch with quad-core Intel Core i5 and put it to the test — here are our initial impressions after a week of use:


MacBook Air ModelPrice
1.1GHz Dual-Core Core i3 Processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz
256 GB Storage
Touch ID
Starting from $1,449.00
1.1GHz Quad-Core Core i5 Processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.5GHz
512 GB Storage
Touch ID
Starting from $1,899.00

Starting from as low as $1,449, the new model is considerably the most affordable in Apple’s lineup of laptops. Available in 3 different colours — Space Grey, Gold and Silver — the MacBook Air also comes in a stunning, thin and light design that makes it convenient for you to bring it anywhere, and everywhere you go.

L — R: MacBook Air Gold, Space Grey, Silver (Photo Courtesy)

In my opinion, the laptop is really sturdy but it’s also lightweight — which I really appreciate considering how I can see myself bringing it around effortlessly, even during my daily commute.


It goes without saying that the new magic keyboard is certainly a feature that many of us have been anticipating as part of the launch of the new MacBook Air. For people who spend hours typing their day away, this is a big deal. Although it was first grafted on the 16-inch MacBook Pro, the new keyboard is redesigned with a scissor mechanism that delivers a more comfortable feel with every touch.

In my opinion, typing on the new Magic Keyboard makes a world of difference as it gives a more stable feel as compared to its predecessor, which saw a slimmer-profile butterfly keyboard.

The keyboard, in this case, has a small adjustment to its design — more specifically to its inverted “T” arrangement of the arrow keys. With the realignment of the keys, Apple has made it easier for users to find the keys without users having to look down.


Apart from the Magic Keyboard, the Retina display of the MacBook Air also seems clearer and sharper as it delivers over 4 million pixels and millions of colours — a crisp experience for watching movies or even working on documents on the Apple apps such as Keynote and Pages that are still available in the new model.


As for its processors, the new MacBook Air sees a switch up from its predecessor — with the previous model featuring the Intel’s eighth-gen dual-core i5 CPU, whereas the MacBook Air comes equipped with a 10th-gen dual-core i3 and i5 Intel chip. Basically, with the higher the core Intel chip, the  faster the performance and more speed across your activities on your laptop — so it’d be worth the buck to spend extra for a faster processor if you’re using a lot of programmes at one go.

I found it really useful that the quad-core Intel core i5 delivered faster everyday performance, which comes in handy especially for users like me who always have to juggle between apps, while keeping a million tabs open. I found that the processor also loaded content really quickly without much waiting time — making it a breeze to tap open tabs and apps concurrently.


You don’t realise how much storage you’ve used on your laptop until you start reaching out for your external hard drive. But thankfully, you won’t have to worry much when it comes to the new MacBook Air. Featuring twice the storage capacity from the previous gen’s, the latest model starts with 256GB of storage and offers up to a 2TB SSD for the maximum upgrade.

Though I haven’t maxed out the storage on this laptop, considering that I’ve only been using it for a week, I could see how it can be useful in the future when I’m looking to make room for movies, photos and other files.


Some of the additional features that have gone into the new MacBook Air include:


  • A three-mic array; clearer voice capture — perfect for FaceTime or Zoom calls.
  • Their Force Touch trackpad — delivering a more precise cursor control and multi-touch navigation.
  • Thunderbolt 3 ports that uses USB-C to transfer data, charge, and use as a video output.
  • Supports 6K external display — the first of its kind for a MacBook Air.
  • Advanced stereo speakers and a headphone jack — for a fully immersive experience.



Apple has always been one of the few brands that comes top of mind amongst the plethora of laptop options in the market. Though I’m no stranger to the MacBook, I’ve always been fond of its programmes and the ease of navigating through the apps which made my own user experience a seamless one. I was definitely impressed by this model — my favourite feature being the new Magic Keyboard considering how often I’m always typing my day away.

I also really like how affordable it is, which makes it attractive even to students who are planning to get their first laptop or even plan to switch to a new one. In this digital age, getting your hands on a user-friendly laptop has definitely become one of our basic needs in our life especially now that many of our day-to-day tasks have shifted online — including classes, online shopping, interviews, you name it.

And even if you’re not a student, the MacBook Air is perfect for your everyday use. Whether you’re binge-watching your favourite Netflix series or editing photos while you’re on-the-go. The experience is so smooth and easy-to-use, you can be rest assured that it’s as reliable and competent as it seems.

The 13-inch MacBook Air is now available at all Apple stores and online at Apple.com/sg. Prices start from $1,449.