4 Nighttime Habits That Gave Me Better Skin

While most of us have extensive beauty regimens in the morning and at night, we all have those days where it seems like our skin just isn’t cooperating with us. Whether it’s a random acne breakout or you just feel like your skin looks dull, there are moments where we feel like our skincare routine just isn’t enough.

Although it may seem like we’re doing all we can to keep our skin looking good, there are a few nighttime habits you can incorporate into your routine, just to give your skin a little extra help. These are all simple ones I’ve gradually tried out, and I’ve definitely seen a difference in the quality of my skin.

1. Change Your Pillowcase

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While not necessarily a beauty habit per se, I got this tip from a friend who has Rosacea, a skin condition that causes his skin to flare up and be more prone to irritation. Because his skin is so sensitive, his dermatologist suggested that he frequently change his pillowcase to prevent any unnecessary dirt or dust build-up that could affect his skin. When I tried this, I started changing my pillowcase every other day, compared to just once a week, and I found myself waking up to fewer blemishes than I did in the past. This easy step prevents any excess dirt from coming into contact with your face as you sleep — and who doesn’t like having clean sheets?

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Although I don’t find this necessary, if you have more sensitive skin, you can also consider investing in a silk pillowcase. Sleeping on silk helps your skin retain its natural moisture, and the material also has hypoallergenic properties — this means a better resistance to dust mites, fungus and other grime you don’t want touching your skin.

Note: Changing your pillowcase more frequently doesn’t mean you need to do an extra of laundry every other day — just get a few extra pillowcases that you can throw in the wash together.

2. Overnight Cream Isn’t For Everyone

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Depending on your skin type, an overnight moisturiser or mask may not be the best choice, even though they were made to be used while you’re asleep. Because they tend to be thicker and richer, depending on your skin type, they may cause your skin to be imbalanced and overly moisturised, resulting in clogged pores and excess oil. I switch up my moisturisers depending on the country I’m in —  I found that while overnight masks worked for me in the states, they were way too heavy for me to use in Singapore, and I would wake up to greasy skin. I then switched to using my regular day moisturiser at night as well, and that solved the problem.

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If you have combination or oily skin but still experience some dryness in the morning, I recommend going with a lighter moisturiser at night — oil-free moisturisers work particularly well.

3. Hydration Starts From The Inside

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While you may be investing time and money into skincare products to keep your skin looking its best, an effective (and free!) habit to have is to keep your body hydrated. On top of keeping you hydrated throughout the night, drinking a glass of water before bed boosts your metabolism, and is a natural way to detox the body and improve digestion. Warm water especially can improve your blood circulation.

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For even more internal hydration, you could also try a sachet of Beauty Jelly Dose before bed. Packed with natural, hydrating ingredients like marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, along with amino acid-rich marine placenta, this extra step may intensify the overnight detoxing process.

Note: Drinking too much water before bed may interrupt your sleep for bathroom breaks, and waking up too many times at night can cause extra stress — just a glass or two is enough.

4. Always Remember To Cleanse

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There are always those lazy days when we just can’t be bothered to go through our entire skin routine — we’ve all been there. In the long run, one day of going to bed without cleansing our face doesn’t seem that bad, but think about it this way: throughout the day, we’re exposed to all sorts of dirt and environmental toxins we can’t even see! If we feel the need to shower before getting into bed, we should be treating our face with even more care.

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Even if you’re too tired to properly wash your face, a few swipes of a no-rinse cleansing wipe is better than nothing. Keep a pack by your bedside so you can clean your face, even with your eyes closed.