5 Affordable Standing Desks to Upgrade Your Home Office Set-Up

If there is one thing that most of us desk-bound workers can identify with, it is the constant neck and shoulder strains that don’t seem to go away even with the additional laptop stand that we’ve invested in.

Instead of spending more on short-term solutions, why not consider investing in a more practical invention like a standing desk or standing desk converter that would allow you to add some movement into your daily work routine? Not only can they help to reduce the upper back and neck pain that you frequently experience, but it also has other health benefits such as potentially lowering your risk of weight gain which can better your overall well-being. 

Here’s a look at affordable standing desks and desk converters under $300 that you can find online.


Ergoworks Ultra-Slim Desk Converter, $269. (Image courtesy of Ergoworks)

Ideal for instantly converting your fixed-height desk to one with an adjustable height, the Ergoworks Ultra-Slim Desk Converter ($269) is a portable and spacious desktop for your laptop as well as an additional keyboard and a mouse. It is able to cater to five different height positions and has a sturdy and robust structure for stability when in use. 

You can get the Ergoworks Ultra-Slim Desk Converter at $269 here from Ergoworks.


Take A Seat Sit-Stand Desk Converter, from $269. (Image courtesy of Take A Seat)

The height-adjustable Take A Seat sit-stand desk converter (from $269) provides you with the option of standing without having to get rid of your current desk. Available in two sizes, the desk converter provides a limitless height adjustment within the allowance range and ensures it remains sturdy and stable even when it is lifted to the maximum height.

You can get the Take a Seat Sit Stand Desk Converter from $269 here via Take a Seat.


Flight Ergonomic Standing Desk, $249. (Image courtesy of Flight/Shopee)

Designed in Germany, the Flight Ergonomic Standing Desk ($249) uses German technology with two gas springs to withstand a heavyweight load of up to 15kg and provides an adjustable height range between 150mm to 500mm. The desk is also equipped with a groove that accommodates the placement of your smartphone or tablet.

You can get the Flight Ergonomic Standing Desk at $249 here from Flight on Shopee.


Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk, $248. (Image courtesy of Shopee)

If you’ve got space in your home office for an additional desk, you could consider getting an ergonomic height adjustable desk ($248). Built with a movable base that supports a maximum of 16kg, you will be able to move your desk to your preferred working location, and adjust the desk to a maximum height of 105cm to better suit your desired position. 

You can get the Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk at $248 here from sgmarina on Shopee.


Adjustable Stand-Up Desk, from $57.99. (Image courtesy of Shopee)

Built with two spacious height-adjustable platforms, the adjustable stand-up desk (from $57.99) is a movable workstation is suitable for use at home and in the office. In addition to the standing position, you are also able to use it sitting down, with the ability to tilt the lower platform of the desk for a better-seated posture.

You can get the Adjustable Stand-Up Desk from $57.99 here via alzhome.sg on Shopee.



Banner image courtesy of Take A Seat and Shopee.