7 Waterproof Mascaras To Tide You Through The Summer Heat

Now that we’re free to head out in Phase 2, some of us are still a little apprehensive when it comes to putting on a full face of makeup. Some of us with lash extensions have even switched out monthly appointments for easier fuss-free options like mascaras. All you need is a few swipes of mascara, and you’re good to go. But now that summer is upon us, you might be wondering which formula would work best for your lashes.

If you’re one who’s been heavily reliant on lash extensions and are new to the mascara game, or even if you’re looking for new alternatives to try this summer, then you’ve come to the right page. Whether you’re in the market for length, lift, volume or the ultimate trifecta, here are some of the latest waterproof mascaras we’ve got our eyes on.


1. Stila Huge™ Extreme Lash Mascara Waterproof

A 3-in-1 mascara that delivers major volume, length and curl? Check out Stila’s Huge™ Extreme Lash Mascara Waterproof. Known for its long-lasting, plush mascaras, this option by Stila gives your lashes that extra length and lift with its strong waterproof formula that’s able to withstand the heat, humidity, sweat and tears — heck, it might just be the perfect go-to if you’re taking a dip in the pool too!

Stila Huge™ Extreme Lash Mascara Waterproof, $34. Available at SEPHORA.

2. Sephora Collection Size Up Waterproof Mascara

Name another waterproof mascara that sizes up to this number by Sephora, we’ll wait. Creating full and fluttery lashes in just one coat, the Sephora Collection Size Up Waterproof Mascara gives that much-needed volume to your lashes. Putting an end to more eye makeup faux pas, the waterproof, long-lasting and ultra-black formula, gives longer and fuller lashes that speak volumes. It’s also really buildable, so you can definitely layer on more for a more dramatic look. 

Sephora Collection Size Up Waterproof Mascara, $22. Available at SEPHORA.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag Mascara

For eyes that kill, look over to Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Lash Brag Mascara. With this mascara, achieve full-bodied lashes that glide on seamlessly for all-day comfort that will last you through the long hours. The innovative mascara also comes with an hourglass-shaped mascara wand that ensures full coverage of each lash with a full jet-black pigmented formula that’s coated evenly, adding noticeable length and flutter with each layer.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag Mascara in Jet Black, $40. Available at SEPHORA.

4. Wander Beauty Mile High Club™ Volume and Length Mascara

Aside from its NSFW reference, the Wander Beauty Mile High Club Mascara is said to take your lashes to new heights with just one swipe. With its main focus on delivering volume and length with each coat, this formula is delightfully smudge-proof, flake-free and water-resistant. But that’s not all. In fact, the mascara is also formulated with more benefits thanks to its ingredients such as peach leaf extract and castor oil, which help to strengthen and condition your lashes at the same time.

Wander Beauty Mile High Club™ Volume and Length Mascara, $40. Available at SEPHORA.

5. Diorshow Pump’n’Volume Waterproof Mascara

If you’ve ever swiped any of Dior’s mascaras, you’d know the brand knows a thing or two about lashes that flutter. Giving wearers extreme volume and length, the Diorshow Pump’n’Volume Waterproof Mascara delivers a full-extension look that doesn’t weigh down on your lashes and is able to last you through the gruelling heat in Singapore.

Diorshow Pump’n’Volume Waterproof Mascara, $54. Available at SEPHORA.

6. Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara

For the gym junkie, you would know finding the right mascara is imperative in ensuring that your makeup doesn’t smear off midway through your workout. For a waterproof option that’s able to withstand through the sweat (and tears), enter Eyeko’s Sport Waterproof Mascara. The fibre-enhanced formula works well to grab and curl every lash while providing it with benefits that help to maintain and condition them. Consisting of a cocktail of 11 Fruit Extracts, the Sport Waterproof Mascara delivers a boost of collagen to promote lash growth.

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara, $27. Available at LOOKFANTASTIC.

7. Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume On Demand Waterproof Mascara

“Bigger, bolder, and better” — those are the three words that describe the most ideal lash situation with Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Volume On Demand Waterproof Mascara. Gone are the days when you have to worry about your lashes smearing or clumping because with this new number, Rimmel’s mascara evenly coats and combs through your lashes for a more full and fluttering look. Its unique formula also works to condition your lashes, ensuring that it stays soft and flexible throughout the day, sans the “crispy” feel.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume On Demand Waterproof Mascara, $14. Available at LOOKFANTASTIC.