Affordable Mask Extenders to Get For Better Comfort When Wearing Face Masks

Since face masks were made mandatory, there’s been an increasing trend of mask extenders that can be used with face masks to help prevent the ear loops of the masks from hurting the ears. With face masks being a permanent accessory of our everyday routine, it is important to ensure that they stay on comfortably especially if you are wearing them for long periods of time. 

Here’s a look at four different categories of affordable mask extenders that you can get online for less than $5.


From left to right:
1. Universal Mask Extender Hook (Pack of 2), $3.42 
2. Adjustable Mask Strap, $2.50
3. Mask Extender with Hook, $1.30
4. Adjustable Mask Strap Extender (with Anti-Slip Groove), $3.50


From left to right:
1. Unicorn Mask Extender, $2.04
2. Elephant-Shaped Mask Extender (Pack of 4), $2.28
3. Soft PVC Children’s Mask Extender, $0.59
4. Children’s Mask Extension Hook, $1.17


From left to right:
1. Batik Mask Extenders, $3.50
2. 5-inch Face Mask Extender, $1.60
3. Fabric Mask Extender (Pack of 2), $2.50
4. Leather Mask Extender, $3.20


From left to right:
1. Multi-Use Pony Tail Ear Saver, $2.50
2. Mask Ear Loop, $2.50
3. Ear Saver with Vintage-Look Wooden Buttons, $2
4. Crochet Face Mask Extender, $4



For more mask extenders on Shopee, click here.

Banner image courtesy of Shopee and Etsy.