ASICS Is Releasing A New Face Mask For Runners

Trying to stay active while keeping ourselves safe can be a tough feat especially when donning a mask. Strenuous activities such as running, HIIT, or any exercise that will have you panting for more air, can be rather unpleasant and suffocating when you’re trying to stay safe while exercising. Besides Under Armour, sports brand ASICS is jumping on the bandwagon with its recent announcement of a new mask made specifically for runners.

Designed by the ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS), the new ASICS Runners Face Cover provides runners with the room to breathe comfortably, with ample space within the mask for a better experience while exercising and preventing the spread of droplets. Some of the other unique features of the new mask include:

1. Air Vents

The air vents around the mask are strategically placed to allow improved airflow for the user while preventing droplets from escaping the mask.

2. More Room To Breathe In

The difference between a mask like this and your typical surgical mask is that it allows for more room for you to breathe in. Thanks to its unique curved structure, the mask allows you to breathe easily when running without pressing against your mouth — improving airflow.

3. Washable and Quick-drying Fabric

When it comes to these sports masks, the great thing about it is that it’s also made of a quick-drying material that allows you to breathe well while it wicks away moisture quickly. Made with a water repellent, washable fabric, the ASICS Runners Face Cover also makes it easier for you to wash and dry with between workouts.

4. Adjustable For A More Comfortable Fit

The mask is specifically designed to be adjustable for a more comfortable fit. Equipped with an adjustable cord, the mask can be adjusted with the toggle at the back for you to tighten or loosen it with, while the elastic that sits above and below your ears provides a more secure fit.

5. Sustainable

To add on, the ASICS face mask is made of 31% recycled materials which makes it more sustainable than the other options in the market.

Although it may not be on sale yet, ASICS has announced that the face masks will be made available online on their website from October 2020 and will be retailing at $55 each.


The new ASICS Runners Face Cover ($55) will be available at from October 2020.