COS Explores Sustainable Materials And Two-Piece Sets With Their AW 2020 Childrenswear Collection

With their Autumn Winter 2020 collection, COS explores both natural and human-made materials, taking a big leap into sustainability. Focusing on reusing, repurposing and recycling fabrics, the brand has taken discarded bottles and fishing nets from the oceans and spun them into yarn. This has then been fused with both raw linens and organic paper fibres to create materials used this season.

While the collection features both menswear and womenswear, it’s the two-piece sets in the childrenswear collection that we have our eyes on. With everyday pieces for boys and girls along with a few adorable prints in the mix, no kid could say no to this selection.

Children can be picky about their clothing, especially with stiff and scratchy materials that may feel uncomfortable, but there’s no need to worry with this collection. Recycled plastic has been blended with cotton to create a soft denim that’s both environmentally friendly and comfortable for kids.

Also featured in the collection are useful accessories like a handy rain anorak, a knit hat and even a backpack for them to put their favourite things in. Even though it doesn’t get very cold in Singapore, our tropical climate is no stranger to rainy weather, and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

With a selection of dresses, sweaters, pants and jackets, the COS Autumn Winter collection invites children to mix and match to create their favourite outfits. The childrenswear collection also bears similar references to the menswear and womenswear, so parents can dress up in matching ensembles with their mini-me’s. For those who may have younger siblings, how adorable would it be to have matching outfits that look good across all ages?

Check out the childrenswear collection below.

1. Jacquard-Knit Wool Jumper & Joggers
2. Printed Cotton Jersey Sweatshirt & Joggers
3. Hooded Colour-Block Anorak & Trousers With Patch Pockets
4. Padded Nylon Top & Skirt

1. Tailored Technical Wool Jacket With 3D Pocket in Beige
2. Wool-Alpaca Dress With Side Openings
3. Sleeveless Dress With Patch Pockets
4. Rain Anorak With Removable Hood

1. Colour-block padded jacket with detachable hood
2. High-neck wool-alpaca jumper
3. Drawstring Nylon Backpack
4. Knitted Wool-Cashmere Hat


The COS Autumn Winter 2020 Collection ranges from $39 to $175 and will be available later this year.