Facebook Has a New Feature That Helps to Prevent You From Sharing Old News

Aside from being a platform that we use to connect with our friends, Facebook has also become a source of news where we share articles and posts in the hopes of bringing attention to something we’re concerned about.

Facebook now warns users before they share an old article. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

However, given the current climate where old news articles can cause unwarranted mass panic from misinformation, Facebook has decided to roll out an all-new notification feature globally, that will help warn users like us when we’re about to share an article that is over 90 days old. 

It is designed to ensure that you have the context you need to make informed decisions about what you’re sharing on Facebook. The notification will typically appear when you click the share buttons of articles which are older than 90 days but it will not prevent you from sharing the article if you feel that it is relevant for your page.

The feature was developed by Facebook in response to concerns over old news articles being shared across the platform as if they are current news.

For example, a news article about a police shooting or a terrorist attack that happened a few years back has the potential to be used in misleading ways to make it look like it happened recently — giving a false impression of the state of current events. The notification prompt helps to keep you informed of the information you are about to share so that you better understand the timeliness of the article.

In addition to this feature, Facebook is looking to develop a similar notification screen that will help with posts that mention COVID-19 to provide you with the information about the source of the link and directing you the COVID-19 Information Centre where you will have access to credible sources.



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Banner image courtesy of Facebook.