GE2020 Hopeful Jamus Lim Inspires “Famous Jamus” T-Shirt by Singaplex

One of this election season’s most positively quotable candidate — Jamus Lim, can now add “T-Shirt Muse” to his list of impressive accolades, with the launch of a “Famous Jamus” T-shirt by local retailer Singaplex.

Like many others, if you’ve caught on, or have been enamoured by his supposed eloquence, restraint demeanour, and/ or his debatable likeness to a certain homegrown pop star, then you’ll want to check it out.

Political candidate JAMUS LIM’S RESUMÉ is 11 pages long.

The “Famous Jamus” T-Shirt is a punny rendition of an iconic logo by a famous cookie chain. Available in Black, White, and Navy, these will make quite the political statement when worn while you’re queueing up to vote come Polling Day this Friday.

We should probably mention that this merchandise is not affiliated with the man himself, but perhaps he’ll appreciate the visibility either way.

The “Famous Jamus” T-Shirt in Black, White, and Navy ($35 EACH).

So if you like your International Macroeconomist/ Politician the same way you like your favourite snack-time munchies, then consider getting this T-Shirt to show your support for his ongoing campaign trail. Just don’t go purchasing these with a black cheque, please.


The “Famous Jamus” T-Shirt ($35) by Singaplex is now available online.
The photos featured in this article is courtesy Singaplex and Twitter.