I Tried Nike’s Latest Yoga Infinalon Collection And Here’s How It Fared

Whether you’re wearing it for your daily yoga practice or simply lounging around the house, most of us have succumbed to wearing our activewear as our unofficial “uniform”. In recent months, the exercise-intended staple has become the undisputed work-from-home uniform that has been trending amongst the masses and for good reason: it’s comfortable, light and oh-so-stretchy.

As someone who spends most of her savings on a bulk of activewear every month, I’m pretty picky when it comes to spending on what I wear for my workouts — be it at home or at the gym. And so I was most recently introduced to Nike’s latest Yoga Infinalon Collection. The collection appealed to my current lifestyle and fitness routine, especially on days when I’m on the mat. Below, I share more about my take on the entire collection, what I liked about the pieces as well as a few gripes.


After being in the works for the past two years, the Nike Infinalon collection serves as a gender-inclusive range that caters to all body types. The collection sees thoughtful seam placement and minimal trims to ensure the perfect wearability for anyone.

Its main aim: to deliver comfort without compromising on the performance of the user with its unique design that moves with you, without restricting your movement. Within the collection, you’ll find pieces including leggings, pants, shorts, bodysuits and more.


When I first got my set of Nike Swoosh Luxe Support Sports Bra, Nike Yoga Luxe Infinalon Cropped Tank, and Nike Yoga Luxe Ribbed 7/8 Tights, I was first taken aback by the size of the tights. I’m usually a small to medium in sizing — depending on the design and cutting — but these tights were smaller than what I had expected them to be. I chose a size S, and judging from appearances, it seemed as though these were made for kids.

Nike Yoga Luxe Ribbed 7/8 Tights, $119. Available at Nike.

But to my pleasant surprise, I miraculously managed to fit into the tights comfortably and without squirming into them. The tights fit like a glove and gave a nice sculpt to my body, without making me feel like I was being suffocated. The material, on the other hand, was so luxurious, it felt buttery smooth to the touch. To top it all off, there’s a bonus small horizontal pocket on the inside of the tights to keep your keys in. However, the only setback was that the material was really thin so it can be an issue for some when dealing with that unsightly visible panty line (VPL).

Nike Swoosh Luxe Support Sports Bra, $89. Available at Nike.

The Nike Swoosh Luxe Support Sports Bra, on the other hand, offers a smooth surface and feel that’s immaculately soft as well. With a form-fitting design, with criss-cross straps, the sports bra feels comfortable and breathable when worn. I had mine in the shade ‘ Diffused Blue/Obsidian Mist’ which went well with my pair of tights. One thing I noticed about the sports bra was that the padding was thin as well, but it generally gave a sufficient amount of support.

Nike Yoga Luxe Infinalon Cropped Tank, $65. Available at Nike.

Separately, I tried the Nike Yoga Luxe Infinalon Cropped Tank on another yoga session. Similar to the Nike Yoga Luxe Ribbed 7/8 Tights, this was the co-ord piece that complemented the tights. Upon wearing the piece, I noticed that the material was just as thin and it didn’t have any padding to it — which may be a concern if you’re wearing it out as there might be some nipple visibility. Nevertheless, the material was definitely comfortable and airy — it’s perfect if you’re wearing this for your yoga practice at home.


Nike Yoga Luxe Ribbed 7/8 Tights comes with ribbing on the sides for ventilation. Available at Nike.

During my yoga practice, I noticed that the pair of Nike Yoga Luxe Ribbed 7/8 Tights felt really comfortable and light as I eased into the different poses. I wouldn’t say that it felt like I had nothing on, but I could really tell that the spandex really provided a comfortable and consistent fit throughout my session without compromising my performance. Besides the fact that I couldn’t stop touching my tights because of its luxurious texture, the ribbing on the sides on the tights also provided some ventilation to my legs to keep me cool. From your traditional ‘Downward Facing Dog Pose’ to headstands, and even my poor attempt at doing a split, my tights didn’t give way no matter how much stretching I put it through. Considering how I previously mentioned about how it looked like kids’ sizing, these tights definitely passed the stretch test.

Nike Swoosh Luxe Support Sports Bra, $89. Available at Nike.

I also appreciated how the Nike Swoosh Luxe Support Sports Bra came with a high neckline. Though it may not be applicable to me, the design would definitely benefit ladies with bigger bust sizes who are conscious about any “spillage” when transitioning from poses like Downward Dog to headstands.

Nike Yoga Luxe Infinalon Cropped Tank, $65. Available at Nike.

For the Nike Yoga Luxe Infinalon Cropped Tank, thinness of the material aside, I felt that when worn as a sports bra, it provided only very light support during the session, which may be a concern for ladies with bigger bust sizes. You could layer another sports bra under it, though that might take away from the breathability of the attire. Still, the cropped tank was true to size and it came with stripes running down the middle of the front and back of the sports bra which boosted ventilation and keeps your top cool.


Generally, the pieces allowed for plenty of movement given how stretchy the spandex is and I would recommend trying them out in-store just to have a better gauge of the sizing. In my opinion, I would recommend you to size up for a more comfortable fit, especially when it comes to the tights in the range — unless you prefer something that’s more form-fitting.

As for the Nike Swoosh Luxe Support Sports Bra, I found that it provided light-to-medium support and it’s more suitable for yoga and not so much for the gym or even running, especially if you require more support. Besides that, I really like the smooth, strappy designs of the back which added a nice touch to my look.

On the other hand, I wasn’t really a big fan of the Nike Yoga Luxe Infinalon Cropped Tank — mainly because of the thinness of the material. I can definitely see myself wearing this piece for my at-home workouts, but probably not when I’m out or at the yoga studio because of visibility issues. Nevertheless, the material is really comfortable and it lives up to its promise of providing ample ventilation.


Nike Yoga Luxe Ribbed 7/8 Tights ($119), Nike Swoosh Luxe Support Sports Bra ($89) and Nike Yoga Luxe Infinalon Cropped Tank ($65). available at all Nike stores and online at NIKE.COM/SG.