IKEA is Introducing a Clothing Collection for The First Time Ever!

So you think you love IKEA’s Swedish meatballs and their affordable build-it-yourself furniture, then you will want to keep your eyes peeled for this Swedish homeware retailer’s first-ever clothing collection launching on 31 July, exclusively in Tokyo!

Above: IKEA EFTERTRÄDA Collection.

As with most IKEA products, this latest wearable collection is christened with the name EFTERTRÄDA (Swedish for “Succeed”) and will include casualwear separates like hoodies and t-shirts, alongside practical accessories such as tote bags, umbrellas, and water bottles.

Above: IKEA EFTERTRÄDA Collection’s hoodie and t-shirt, prices TBA.

The design for the collection is also instantly recognisable, with its iconic blue and yellow logo, and a barcode graphic for IKEA’s BILLY bookcase featuring as prints across the collection. Also, just in case you’re wondering, you would not have to assemble or sew these yourself like their furniture.

Above: IKEA EFTERTRÄDA Collection’s tote bag and water bottle, prices TBA.

As part of the brand’s ongoing green initiatives, eco-friendly consumers will be comforted to know that this collection’s apparel and tote bags are made of sustainable cotton, and the reusable water bottle is meant to discourage plastic use and waste by its customers.

Unfortunately, if you are keen on snagging these at IKEA Singapore outlets, that would not be possible, as the EFTERTRÄDA collection will only be made available at IKEA Japan’s Harajuku store in Tokyo for the moment. But who knows, the collection may find its way to our shores in the near future. And for those who can’t wait, you can phone a friend based in Tokyo to help get your purchases on your account, or you can check out reseller sites like eBay to get them at a higher price.



The IKEA EFTERTRÄDA Collection will be available from 31 July 2020 at IKEA Harajuku.
The photos featured in this article is courtesy IKEA JAPAN.