La Bouche Rouge Paris’ Lipsticks Are Customisable, Sustainable And Cruelty-Free

When it comes to makeup, cruelty-free labels and eco-friendly efforts are always plus points in our book. Taking that one step further is La Bouche Rouge Paris, a cosmetic brand that launched with the idea of combining luxury with sustainability, and aims to create the desire to consume beauty differently.

One particular product that caught our eye is their collection of refillable lipsticks. After four years of research and 423 different formulations, they launched their Red Serum Formula, a lip treatment that is not only free of micro-plastics, but also doesn’t contain beeswax, animal fat, and is enriched in natural antioxidants and anti-ageing agents.

Available in a variety of finishes, each lipstick and lip balm comes in a fine-leather case that has been designed to be refillable when the wearer has run out of product. Don’t let the word leather fool you — in the past, cases were made from upcycled existing leather from Tanneries du Puy, but the brand is now 100% vegan, creating their cases with vegan leather that has been made from recycled polyester. The leather alternative was found with the help of guidance from designer Stella McCartney.

Timeless Matte in Plum, Timeless Satin in SW1X, Lip Balm in Peach Balm, Limited Edition in Le Rouge Chloë

30 shades are spread across 4 categories — Timeless Matte, Timeless Satin, Lip Balms and Limited Edition. Refills retail at USD47, while refillable cases are priced from USD118. It may seem like a steep figure, but it seems pretty reasonable considering the case would probably be a one-time purchase, and you can switch out refills as you wish.

While 30 shades may seem a little sparse, there is also the option to customise your own colour for USD75, with a refillable case available from USD146.

Users can choose between a satin or matte finish, and select one shade out of thousands from 5 different colour families. After selecting a colour, you can then name it and choose between having it as a colour refill, or together with a vegan case. For a small fee, you are also able to customise your case with up to 4 letters of your choice.

If you find yourself looking for a new lipstick to experiment with, you may want to consider customising a La Bouche Rouge Paris lipstick of your own. Customise your lipstick set at

La Rouche Bouge Paris Refillable Lipsticks are available as a Colour Refill (from USD47) or as a Case and Colour Set (from USD118). Worldwide shipping available. Find out more at