New Ubin Launches UbinEats Featuring Tze Char Meals Made For The Solo Diner

Any tze char fan would probably be familiar with this dilemma — sometimes you find yourself craving a few dishes, but the portions are too big for you to finish on your own! New Ubin’s latest launch solves that problem, creating a virtual foodcourt for all to enjoy. Introducing UbinEats, a brand new virtual concept by the New Ubin Group, created specifically to offer ready-to-eat meals for the solo diner, and you can get your bubble tea fix too.

New Ubin’s co-founder SM Pang wanted to create a menu featuring some of his favourite dishes, with the launch of UbinEats featuring five sub-brands — Ubin Nasi Lemak, Vijay Banana Leaf, Ah Koon Scissor Cut Curry Rice, Ah Ma Chicken Curry Noodles and Ah Boon signatures, each representing the diversity of local Singaporean cuisine.

1. Ubin Nasi Lemak ($12)

Featuring fragrant coconut rice accompanied by Joo Hee Sambal (sambal cuttlefish) and Ayam Bakar (charcoal grilled chicken), these flavourful dishes are sure to satisfy your tastebuds. Of course, no serving of Nasi Lemak is complete without the usual sliced cucumbers, eggs and ikan bilis.

2. Vijay Banana Leaf ($12)

Enjoy authentic South Indian banana leaf cuisine in the form of a convenient delivery box, complete with a serving of spicy Chicken Masala alongside Briyani Basmati Rice, savoury Egg Masala and zesty Achar (pickled vegetables). For those who can’t take the heat but love it anyway, don’t worry — it also comes with a helping of Raita, a yoghurt-based condiment. While only Chicken Masala is available at the moment, fans can also look forward to two more dishes being added to the menu soon, including an enticing sotong curry.

3. Ah Koon Scissor Cut Curry Rice ($18)

Like its name, this selection features breaded fried chicken that’s snipped up with scissors the old fashioned way. Complement the hearty poultry with servings of Lor Bak (braised pork), Braised Bean Curd, Achar and of course, a spicy portion of rich Hainanese Vegetable Curry.

4. Ah Ma Chicken Curry Noodles ($12)

We all have our comfort foods, and this is one of SM Pang’s favourites. Unlike its name, this isn’t a dish he recreated from his childhood — instead, this version of Chicken Curry Noodles comes from his want to create a richer, more generous portion of ingredients compared to one not-so-great experience he had when trying out a version from one of the more famous stalls in Singapore. Expect a heaping serving of rich curry and spiced chicken over a combination of egg noodles and beehoon.

5. Ah Boon Signatures (from $15)

Economical Rice is a go-to for many of us office workers, and this is New Ubin’s alternative. With a starting selection of Gong Bao Chicken, Supreme Pork Chop or a vegetarian, mock meat alternative, pair your choice of protein with the usual side servings like Achar and Onion Omelette to go with your daily portion of rice. Fun fact : this sub-brand is named after Ah Boon, the retired head chef of the original Pulau Ubin jetty restaurant.

Bubble Tea

As we all know, no meal is complete without a drink on the side, and who can say no to boba? Customers will be able to bundle their meals with their choice of bubble tea, which includes Signature Bubble Milk Tea, Classic Black Tea, Honey Lemon Black Tea, Vanilla Ice Cream Milk Tea, Green Milk Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Honey Lemon Green Tea and Lime Plum Green Tea.


UbinEats is available for self collection from New Ubin Village in Tampines, and for islandwide delivery via with a delivery fee from $10 with a $40 minimum spend, as well as on GrabFood for those within the delivery radius.