Nordgreen’s Philosopher Watch is a Luxury Timepiece at an Affordable Price

Minimalism is a popular aesthetic choice for many, whether it’s in the context of interior decor, fashion, or lifestyle, for its seemingly fuss-free approach where less is so much more. What many may overlook, however, is that minimalism isn’t about being simply basic.

On the contrary, it’s more about paying more attention to qualities that are trusted to last a lifetime, as well as recognising intelligent, thoughtful design. This means keeping an eye out for interesting textures or considered touches made to elevate the everyday silhouette. One such tried-and-tested accessory would then be the Philosopher Watch, by Danish watch brand Nordgreen, seen here in Silver.

Above: Nordgreen Philosopher in Silver ($309).

Designed by prolific Scandinavian designer — Jakob Wagner, the Philosopher Watch adopts a clean numerals-free dial, with complimenting silver bar indicators at every 5-minute intervals and a discreet date window. Keeping on the minimalist theme, the hour and minute hands are similarly rendered in silver as well.

Though on a closer look at its simple dial, you’ll notice that the second-hand is intentionally made to be in a lighter tone, making it more apparent and enhancing its visibility when in constant motion. Another considered detail you may miss is that the second-hand design is also asymmetric, like a blade, meant to give the impression that it’s consistently slicing through time. Here, you’ll realise the devil in the details, and no doubt, these add to our appreciation of the watch for its timeless, clever, and meaningful design.

Above: Nordgreen Philosopher in Silver ($309), front and back view.

The case comes elegantly slim and sits comfortably on the top of the wrist. The metal bracelet, however, is our favourite detail, with the mesh link design made with the smallest, lightweight stainless steel chain components that wrap around the wrist organically, and promises wear-resistance to remain tarnish-free. In the light, the many facets making up the metal bracelet also shine with a jewellery-like quality that imbues the idea of subtle luxury.

Above: Nordgreen Philosopher in Silver ($309).

Seen here in Silver, the Nordgreen Philosopher also comes available in Rose Gold, Gun Metal, and Yellow Gold. The metal bracelets are also interchangeable, and you’ll get a free alternative (metal or leather) strap of your choice with any watch purchase.

Clockwise from top left: Nordgreen Philosopher in Rose Gold ($309), Nordgreen Philosopher in Gun Metal ($309), Nordgreen Philosopher in Silver ($309), Nordgreen Philosopher in Yellow Gold ($309).

True to their name, with “Nord” representing their Nordic origins and “Green” reflecting their values of giving back to communities and the environment, the sales proceeds generated from the sale of each of their watches will be donated to charitable causes, initiatives, and organisations selected by Nordgreen, that support underprivileged societies and nature.

Above: A video tutorial demonstrating the easy steps adjusting the date and time of the Nordgreen Philosopher watch.

So, would we recommend getting the Nordgreen Philosopher? Yes, especially if you’re looking for a sophisticated high-quality timepiece that won’t break the bank. Or if you’re looking for a watch that is not overly flashy and immediately recognisable, yet a stunning everyday, functional accessory that the discerning would appreciate.



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The images featured in this article is courtesy Nordgreen.
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