Sony Japan Launches A Wearable Air Conditioner You Can Buy

Since teasing the possibility of a wearable air conditioner one year ago with their crowdfunding page, Sony Japan has officially launched the Reon Pocket — the tech brand’s first-ever wearable air conditioner.

Sony Japan’s Reno Pocket, from ¥13,000 (approx. SGD $168). (Image courtesy of Sony Japan)

Perfect for use in sunny Singapore, the Reon Pocket works best alongside a special t-shirt (that is sold separately on the site) where the device sits in a pocket located in the middle of your back, just below the neck.

The device has been designed with the intention to fit around your neck so that it can come into direct contact with your skin, giving you the cooling effect you need. It is, of course, able to be used as a handheld device as well, thanks to its compact size.

The device has been designed to fit around your neck to come into direct contact with your skin to give you the cooling effect. (Image courtesy of Sony Japan)

Even though the Reon Pocket is a battery-operated device, it continues to remain cool to the touch when in use. While it rests against your back during operation, the Reno Pocket is able to remove heat generated from the battery using an internal small fan that regulates warm air out and away from the body.

You can use a mobile app to control the temperature settings of the Reon Pocket. (Image courtesy of Sony Japan)

The Reon Pocket is easily adjustable with the use of a companion mobile app which is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. This allows you to manually adjust the temperature between 5 to 40 degrees or set to automatic mode, where it will use the temperature and motion sensors to detect what you are doing and how you are feeling to adjust the cooling mode appropriately. 

In addition to its cooling abilities, the Reon Pocket is also able to double as a thermal device, helping to raise your body temperature by up to 14 degrees during cold weather experienced in winter.

The Reon Pocket works best alongside a special t-shirt that fits the device below the neck. (Image courtesy of Sony Japan)

While the Reon Pocket may sound like an exceptionally great device, it does have its limitations especially in terms of battery power. Given its compact size, the rechargeable battery is only able to offer up to 2.5 hours of cooling operation and about 2 hours of thermal operation. This means that you’ll only be able to enjoy cool air for a short duration before you have to recharge the device. 


The Sony Japan Reon Pocket retails from ¥13,000 (approx. SGD $168) while the special Reon Pocket shirt retails from ¥1,800 (approx. SGD $23). Both items are available for purchase online through the official Sony Japan e-store or Amazon Japan.

Although both purchase options only offer to ship within Japan, you can still purchase the Reon Pocket and have it delivered to you in Singapore through third-party carriers such as vPost and Tenso.



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Banner image courtesy of Sony Japan.