The Iconic Tokyo Banana Now Comes In A Soft-Serve

If you’ve been to the land of the rising Sun, then you’d be no stranger to its iconic Tokyo Banana treat that’s been a hit amongst tourists. A mouth-watering sweet that’s well-loved by many, the Tokyo Banana is a fluffy little banana-shaped sponge cake that’s filled with banana flavoured custard cream on the inside. Sold at major train stations and airports across Japan, the sweet has seen different variations that have been added to their line of confectionaries — including castella cake, Kit Kats, cheesecake, madeleines, and cookies!

This year, as part of their 30th Year Anniversary, Tokyo Banana has just announced that they are releasing two soft-serve ice cream cones inspired by the original treat.

(Photo Courtesy)
(Photo Courtesy)

The first of their latest creations features the standard Tokyo Banana flavour, whereas the second cone is topped with chocolate. Most importantly, both consist of ice cream that’s made of banana puree and rich milk, that supposedly tastes just like the brand’s custard cake filling.

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Unfortunately, as much as we’d want to indulge in a cone of this sinfully good banana cone, especially during these hot summer days, the Tokyo Banana soft-serve will only be available at the Tomei Expressway in Kanagawa prefecture, in Japan. Though we have a long way to go when it comes to travelling out of our sunny little island, we’re definitely adding this one to our itinerary the next time we’re visiting Japan.


The Tokyo Banana Soft-Serve is available at the EXPASA Ebina SASTAR 2 shop at Tomei Expressway in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.

Banner Courtesy: PRTimes