The Latest Swatch Collections — Big Bold Spectrum, SISTEM51 And More

Swatch watches are trusted and beloved for their wide range of designs, impressive watchmaking history, and affordable prices. With each year, the brand also rolls out more new collections than we can keep tabs on.

So, here you’ll find our selection of must-have pieces that showcase the best of Swatch for your consideration, if you’re due for a new wrist candy or two.


Big Bold Spectrum Watches

Above: Big Bold Blue Taste watch ($160).

If you’ve got a bold personality, then you’ll need a watch that’s even bolder to complement you on your everyday. Enter Swatch’s Big Bold watch collection!

Top row: Big Bold Pink Taste watch ($160).
Bottom Row: Big Bold Fire Taste watch ($160).

The latest additions to this collection include the Pink Taste, Fire Taste, and Blue Taste watches that all come in a sizeable 47mm water-resistant watch case, and feature a unique fluorescent Swatch Solar Spectrum treatment all over its dial to create an almost otherworldly aesthetic effect with its ever-changing colours.

This latest Big Bold release similarly takes inspiration from urban streetwear sensibilities for its fashion-forward designs, which also highlight the intricate inner workings of its watch movement that’s visible under the watch’s transparent dial. Consider these, if fascinating statement makers guaranteed to inspire wrist envy is your thing.

Check out the entire Swatch Big Bold watch collection here.

Art Watches

Clockwise from top left: CUTOTOO Watch ($109), THE JOE TILSON VENETIAN WATCH ($209), TARTANOTTO watch ($109), THE RED SHINY LINE watch ($135).

So you think you know your contemporary artists? Then good news, because these fun timepieces all pay homage to some of the world’s most-renowned art figures and their works. For instance, our favourite pick — the CUTOTTO watch featuring Chinese paper-cut motifs is designed by artist/anthropologist Paola Navone, to marry East and West cultures into a functional piece of art to be admired everyday.

Other pieces featured in this collection include the limited-edition The Joe Tilson Venetian watch, inspired by the artist’s renowned Stones of Venice Contarini artwork. All the watches featured in this collection come in a durable plastic watch case, quartz movement, and are notably waterproof.

Check out the entire Swatch art watch collection here.


SISTEM51 Watches

Swatch has launched a new collection of watches featuring its newsworthy original mechanical SISTEM51 watch movement. But what’s so groundbreaking about SISTEM51?

Above: SISTEM PINK watch ($209).

Firstly, it requires zero hand assembly and is made up of only 51 total mechanical parts — as compared to the common 130 parts for most watch movements or the several hundred parts found in luxury watches. It also boasts an impressive — by all watch standards — 90-hour power reserve, thanks to its peripheral bi-directional rotor, and comes at a very reasonable price tag.

Top row: SISTEM blush watch ($209).
Bottom row: SISTEM white watch ($209).

You will find two main lines of SISTEM51 Swatch watches in their latest release, namely IRONY for sleekly-designed watches made with premium materials, and the Originals that feature fun pieces in plastic cases with silicone straps.

Check out the entire Swatch SISTEM51 watch collection here.




The Swatch watches featured in this article are now available in-stores islandwide and online.
The photos featured in this article is courtesy Swatch.