There’s Now A Meme-Worthy ‘East Coast by East Coast’ Collection By Local Retailer Singaplex

All of us fumble over our words every now and then, due to stage fright, anxiety, or what-have-you. But fortunately for us, our verbal flubs were not part of a high-publicity televised speech that’s since been immortalised online for all to see.

Which is why, above all else, we are able to find ourselves sympathetic towards Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Heng Swee Keat for his Nomination Day speech from days ago.


After having been the subject of memes for the last couple days, the infamous speech has since spawned a collection of casual wear by local social commentator platform and retailer Singaplex.

Clockwise from top left: EAST COAST by EAST COAST for Hoodie ($68), EAST COAST by EAST COAST for Sweatshirt ($63), EAST COAST by EAST COAST for T-Shirt ($35), EAST COAST by EAST COAST for Tote Bag ($48).

This East Coast by East Coast collection is a play on another laughter-inducing meme-worthy product from years gone by, produced by Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs.

It features a trim monochrome four-piece collection that includes a hoodie, sweatshirt, t-shirt and tote bag. Simple, fun, and something we hope the DPM would be able to take in good stride.

As the saying goes, being meme-fied is the sincerest form of flattery, and there’s merchandise to commemorate it now too. Hooray!


The Singaplex East Coast by East Coast Collection featured here is now available online.
Find out more about Singaplex here.