Travel-19: An Online Bot That Answers Your COVID-19 Travel Queries

As more and more global travel restrictions begin to ease, there’s been an increase in queries regarding the safety of overseas travel and if it will resume.

To address the most frequent COVID-19 related travel questions from travellers all over the world, leading travel technology company Amadeus, has launched Travel-19 — a new online bot that helps travellers obtain credible information in one place.

The online bot provides a repository of information from more than 60 countries and 350 airlines including Singapore Airlines, Scoot Tigerair, and Thai Airways. Instead of having to source for information from different outlets, you can now use Travel-19 to get timely updates and answers about trip cancellations, impacts on flights, as well as the latest travel restrictions and government advisories.

Here’s a look at how Travel-19 works.

Screenshot of Travel-19’s start page.
Query One: I’d like to travel, is it possible? → I don’t know if my country will allow me to travel
Screenshot of my query on whether Singapore allows citizens to leave the country.

Once you click on an option,  the conversation with the online bot becomes a bit like an iMessage/Whatsapp text. I found the format fairly easy to navigate and more pleasing to the eyes with unnecessary text.

Screenshot of the answer I got from Travel-19.

Instead of having to do my own Google searches, Travel-19 gives me quick access to the answers I want, with specific external sources to use if I am seeking more information. I like that Travel-19 also offers the option to send me a copy of my chat as well as keep me posted if there are any other new updates to my enquiry.

Query Two: I’d like to travel, is it possible? → I’d like to know if there are any restrictions at my destination
Screenshot of Travel-19’s answers on my query about travel restrictions to South Korea.

This definitely comes in handy when it is eventually safe to travel.  The information provided not only includes the travel advisories but also the safe-distancing measures observed in the country.  When I clicked on the rules on social distancing for South Korea, it brought me to the English digital notification on social distancing issued by the South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Screenshot of Travel-19’s answers on my query about travel restrictions to Australia.

I did a query on travel restrictions in Australia as well, where it highlights the visitor requirements including the mandatory quarantine that visitors will need to take if they were permitted entry into Australia.

Screenshot of Travel-19’s answer on the airline cancellation policy for Singapore Airlines..

For the most part, I found that Travel-19 behaved quite like a silent version of my iPhone’s Siri. In addition to giving you the text information, it also provides you with various credible links where you can get more accurate information from the source itself. It is definitely useful if you want to save time on googling and have all the relevant information you need on one page.

Plus, when you have something new to ask, you don’t even need to refresh the page. Simply click on ‘Restart’ and the text conversation will return you to the beginning where you find the option that best suits your query.



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