We Interviewed a Male Escort on His Popular Services, Lifestyle, and Job Misconceptions

The male escort trade is shrouded in mystery. But is it stranger than what our imaginations and misinformation conjure up? To shed some light on how it all really is, we interviewed Raoul Rossetti, Elite Straight Escort for Women, to answer some of our burning questions!

Above: The interesting services offered by Mr Rossetti, including “Jealousy Techniques.”

The term “Escort” is defined in Urban Dictionary as “someone that is not paid to have sex but is paid for their time. What they do within their time is their business, which could, in fact, be sex.”

Just to clarify, Mr Rossetti’s services are more than just about intercourse/primal pleasure — it’s also about the exploration of sexuality, boosting self-confidence, and the comfort of intimacy/quality companionship. Think Pretty Woman, but with the genders reversed.

Above: A Singaporean customer review on Mr Rossetti’s services.

For instance, in an anecdote, Rossetti recounts, “I once had a wonderful client, Layla, who had only ever had what she described as ‘bland’ missionary sex with her previous partners. I introduced her to oral sex and some light bondage. I was as exhilarated as she was by the end of our time together — it felt good to know I had liberated her in so many different senses of the word.”

He continues, “It felt even better to later know that Layla went on to be much more vocal with her future partners about her needs and desires, leading to many more future orgasms and occasions of pleasure for her. This is the part of my work that I enjoy the most. I am addicted to creating pleasure for the women I work with — it’s worth more to me than any amount of money I am paid.”

Above: More interesting services offered by Mr Rossetti.

Currently based in Milan, Mr Rossetti is contactable via his email or mobile listed on his website for international requests for his service, which extends to keen clients from Singapore. Prices for his services are confidential, so break the ice and simply drop him a message to find out more.

And for all you curious readers, scroll on to understand more than you’ll ever know about what it’s like to be a male escort, the lifestyle, and the surprising service most popular here in Asia.


NYLON SG: How did you get started on being a male escort? 

Raoul Rossetti (RR): “It was actually very much a chance occurrence – or perhaps you could call it fate. One summer evening, following an argument with my then-girlfriend, I happened upon a beautiful woman in her yacht who invited me on board. One thing lead to another, and we ended up spending five beautiful days living her life of luxury together.

When I woke up on the final morning, I discovered $15,000 on the bedroom dresser. I hadn’t expected the money, but it opened my eyes to what was possible. The rest, they say, is history.”


NYLON SG: What is the most common misconception of your profession? What is an average day for you like?

RR: “The most common misconception is that it’s an easy job to do. I have to be 100% switched on and totally engaged all of the time that I am with a client, no matter how I am feeling physically or personally.

This is something this is easily misunderstood and overlooked. I enjoy my work, but to do it well it takes much more than most people would typically understand. There is no ‘typical’ day but of course, scheduling and communications is a large part of the work I do, along with client meetings.”


NYLON SG: Does being in your profession provide for a privileged lifestyle? Give us an idea of what your lifestyle is like.

RR: “Well, I fly all over the world for my work, for a start! I am privileged to enjoy scenery and views of life that I otherwise would be unlikely to encounter. Many of my experiences have been unique and very special, in a way money cannot buy. I value my career for this along with many other reasons.”


NYLON SG: Given that Asians are largely conservative when it comes to intimate pleasure, what is the most common requested service for a male escort like yourself here in Singapore/ South-East Asia?

RR: “I remain discreet to avoid limitation. For example, I offer ‘cuckolding’ where a gentleman hires me to have sex with his partner while he watches. This continues to be a very popular service here.

I don’t explicitly or outwardly advertise such services, as clients tend to seek me out. I am discreet and highly professional in the way that I approach my work which is vital to both the quality of my work and the ultimate success of it.”



To find out more about Raoul Rossetti, click here.
Raoul Rossetti’s services are available internationally but he is currently based in Milan.
Raoul Rossetti is launching an autobiography detailing his experience in the escort trade in the coming months.
The photos featured in this article is courtesy, Raoul Rossetti.