Women Are Putting Their Period Blood On Their Faces As A New Beauty Trend

Disclaimer: this article might be graphic to some readers. As the title suggests, beauty routines have taken a morbid turn. What once was considered taboo has now become the next beauty trend that many are still finding hard to accept. Enter period blood facials. It’s what you’d expect it to be — ladies are using their period blood as a face mask to achieve healthy, glowy, and radiant skin.

Yazmina Jade (Photo Courtesy)

Yazmina Jade, 26, a former hairdresser from the Gold Coast, first made international headlines with her bizarre face mask routine which consisted of her own period blood. According to DailyMail, Yazmina reveals that she does these facials as ‘blood holds amazing stem cells’ and mainly because she saw it as ‘a sacred ritual to reconnect with her body’.

Believe it or not, her ritual actually did inspire many followers online to try the facial out themselves — with many claiming that it felt ‘amazing’ afterwards.

Gabrielle Schlegel (Photo Courtesy)

This also included artists like Gabrielle Schlegel, 22, who started her journey with her making art by painting with her menstrual blood, before trying out the facial herself.


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In an interview with Metro, Gabrielle says that “using her period blood for art and self-care is a way to fully connect with her body and appreciate this ‘sacred fluid’.” You can also view photos of her work online. Whether its painting or giving herself that monthly facial, Gabrielle has also been said to collect her fluids with the use of a menstrual cup.

As these inspiring women take the next step in embracing their bodies and inspiring other women to do so, menstrual facials are still considered a taboo in many countries, although it has been said to deliver promising results for the skin. Besides, there is still no scientific evidence to suggest that menstrual fluids could pose any skincare benefit. But far as we know, collecting body fluids, let alone putting them on our faces will still be something that we won’t be experimenting with any time soon.


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