Better Your Home and Personal Life with These MUJI Essentials

As the global pandemic continues to trouble the world, we have all been constantly making changes to our daily routines as we adapt to the new normal. Staying at home has not only become a default location for work and study, but it has also turned into a place where we discover and hone new skills such as baking and doing home workouts.

While the pandemic has indeed caused lots of disruption in our lives, it has given us the opportunity to slow down and take more time to appreciate what is around us. Known for their minimalist and simplistic beliefs, MUJI has been helping individuals and homeowners alike to benefit from a simpler lifestyle with their quality items that are essential for everyday life.

Here’s a look at some tips on how you can better your home and personal life with essential items from MUJI.


1. Gentlemen, handle your everyday tasks in comfort with MUJI Men’s Polo T-Shirt (less 20%, U.P. $29 – $39) made from organic cotton that is soft on the skin to keep you cool during online meetings.

2. Despite the temperamental weather we have in Singapore, there’s no denying that we mostly experience summer all-year-round so a Raffia Hat (less 10%, U.P. $79) would definitely come in handy. You can also roll the hat up compactly for easy bag storage.

3. It is important to keep your skin healthy even when you’re at home. MUJI’s Skincare Series (less 10%, U.P. $4.60 – $63.90) can help provide you with the tools for a perfect skincare routine that rinses away sebum accumulated from the day, in order to give you balanced skin.

4. Although most Singaporeans may not have the habit of wearing socks in the house, they are great for absorbing sweat and keeping you from getting damp feet. MUJI’s Right Angle Socks (any 3 for $10.90, U.P. $4.90 each) are knitted at right angles to give the heel a snug fit so that you remain comfortable throughout the day.

5. Made of pile fabric with moderate thickness, MUJI’s Towel (less 20%, U.P. $3.90 – $43) effectively wipes off water from your body as well as absorb sweat. You could consider placing the towel on your pillow to help absorb sweat on a humid night.

6. If you don’t like the feeling of bare sticky feet at home, consider getting a pair of Room Slippers (less 20%, U.P. $9.90 – $19.90) that can keep your feet well-ventilated.

7. MUJI’s linen fabric is known for being comfortable, durable and strong. Go ahead and flaunt perennial style with items such as the Ladies’ French Linen Ankle Length Straight Pants (less 50%, U.P. $59).


1. Air ventilation is important especially when you are staying at home most of the time. The Small Circulator Fan ($98, U.P. $109) ensures you maintain a good airflow while you work from home.

2. MUJI’s Aluminium Hangers ($5.30 – $5.90) are light, durable, corrosion-resistant, and have been carefully designed to prevent your clothes from falling off when hung.

3. Keep your house clean and dust-free with MUJI’s cleaning system that includes the Flooring Mop ($8.60), Aluminium Telescopic Pole ($6.90) and Microfibre Mop Wet Type ($8.60). You can also consider adding a Polypropylene Bucket with Lid ($13) to your collection of cleaning essentials for water storage when you clean with a cloth.

4. Keep busy with fun activities you can enjoy at home such as drawing with a Recycled Paper Graffiti Book ($1.60) or writing personal notes and letters to loved ones with the Kraft Paper / Letter Set ($1.90).

5. Work at your desk in comfort using the Low Noise USB Desk Fan ($35 & $45, U.P. $39 & $49) which can instantly cool you down at your preferred breeze when you plug it into your laptop.

6. Keep your workspace clean and tidy with selected PP File Box and Lids (any 2 less 10%, U.P. $4.60 – $23) for storage of files, magazines and newspapers.


1. Start your mornings right with a cup of Honduras Arabica deep roast or Columbia and Honduras Arabica mild roast from MUJI’s Organic Instant Coffee range (any 2 less 10%, U.P. $6.30 – $7.90).

MUJI also has offers a selection of Tea and Assorted Drinks (any 2 less 10%, U.P. $2.30 & $2.90) that you can get if you’re looking for an alternative to caffeine.

2. Feeling peckish after lunch? Keep some Sweets & Candy (any 2 less 10%, U.P. $1.90 – $6.60) handy to give you the serotonin boost you need to remain productive at work.

3. While spicy food does increase your body perspiration, it can also cool you down by reducing your body heat through evaporation. Developed based on food cultures around the world, MUJI’s Instant Curry Series ($3.90 – $7.90) is made with a wide range of spices and ingredients with no added chemicals, flavourings and colourings. Each curry flavour delivers an authentic taste that is easy to heat up using hot water or a microwave oven.

4. Adopt a minimalist kitchen range with MUJI’s selection of Glass Bowls ($2.90 – $16) and Sealing Containers (less 10%, U.P. $7.90 – $27.90). If you’re looking to get a new cooking spoon, MUJI’s Silicone Cooking Spoon ($13.90) makes for a great choice with its highly heat-proof silicone that is useful for cooking or dividing food on a hot pan. 



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