Luxury House LOEWE Debuts New Scents And Candles For Your Home

From the Puzzle to the Gate and Balloon, LOEWE‘s sense of style and leather craftsmanship, especially with the aforementioned bag styles, are both impeccable. That the very storied Spanish house is still gaining fashion and cultural clout these days though, can be attributed to their prominent creative director, Jonathan Anderson — or JW Anderson as we all causally call him.

Leave it to the designer to prompt more Insta-worthy lust. LOEWE will be debuting their first collection of home scents this September, a curation between Anderson and in-house perfumier Nuria Cruelles, of 11 alluring scents meant to “evoke the earthly delights of a vegetable garden”.

The new LOEWE Home line.
LOEWE Home — Wax Scented Candleholders and Scented Candles.

Aesthetics are of high importance here, of course, but we’ll first talk about the fragrances. Anderson and Cruelles get down and dirty with the vegetable garden inspiration, but have no doubt that these are done with elevated style. These are put together due to Anderson’s passion for nature, and in particular, his fondness for the recordings of plant life by artists working during the Age of Discovery.

Instead of the typical fruits and florals, the unique scents are the pair’s interpretation of plant essences, with plants like Beetroot, Coriander and Ivy taking precedence. Among the list of names, we found a cheeky Marihuana scent as well. These scents are expressed in the form of candles, wax candleholders, home fragrances, rattan diffusers, matches and soaps.

The full list of scents are: Beetroot; Coriander; Cypress Balls; Honeysuckle; Ivy; Juniper Berry; Liquorice; Luscious Pea; Marihuana; Oregano; and Tomato Leaves.

LOEWE Home — Packaging.

Now, onto the look. We first start with the enviable packaging, done in collaboration with Franco-Swiss photographer Erwan Frotin. Each scent is symbolised by its hero plant’s flowers and colour, which serve as quite the inspiration as well. What you’ll find within though, is a whole #mood.

One of the most covetable items in the LOEWE Home collection has got to be those hand-crafted candles. These continue the house’s desire for tactile pleasures, and come housed in glazed ceramic holders of a ribbed design, modelled after Greek drinking vessels from the 5th Century BC. Delightful colours abound, whether it’s a pure white for Oregano, bright red for Tomato Leaves, or soft pink for Ivy. The candle wax is also derived entirely from natural ingredients.

Candles in BEETROOT and OREGANO. $125 – $520 each (depending on size).
HONEYSUCKLE Scented Candle (from $125) / Home Fragrance ($140) / Wax Scented Candleholder ($120).

Just as striking are the tall candleholders, each cast in a tone-on-tone colour scheme so they pair perfectly with their corresponding candle. Both are embossed with the LOEWE monogram and the message ‘Made in Spain’.

Home Fragrance in LUSCIOUS PEA and JUNIPER BERRY. $140 each.

Additionally, the 11 scents also come in glass containers that are reminscent of LOEWE’s 001 EDPs, though here they correspond to the colour selections of each individual scent — a lively green for Luscious Pea, for instance, or rosy wood tones for Juniper Berry. Small touches add to the luxe feel, including that enamelled ceramic stopper and a cotton label, which provide subtle organic textures, making this a collection we want to proudly display in our homes.

Check out the full range here:

scented Candles
Beetroot ; Coriander ; Cypress Balls ; Honeysuckle ; Ivy ; Juniper Berry ; Liquorice ; Luscious Pea ; Marihuana ; Oregano ; Tomato Leaves. $125 – $520 each (depending on size).
wax scented candleholders
Beetroot ; Coriander ; Cypress Balls ; Honeysuckle ; Ivy ; Juniper Berry ; Liquorice ; Luscious Pea ; Marihuana ; Oregano ; Tomato Leaves. $120 each.
home fragrances
Beetroot ; Coriander ; Cypress Balls ; Honeysuckle ; Ivy ; Juniper Berry ; Liquorice ; Luscious Pea ; Marihuana ; Oregano ; Tomato Leaves. $140 each.
scented sticks
Tomato Leaves ; Ivy ; Liquorice. $140 each.


LOEWE Home Scents, prices ranges from $34 to $520. Available at LOEWE Paragon, and from 3 September 2020.