Make Your Own Little Twin Stars Cake At Home With This Online Baking Class

Gather ’round Sanrio fans! After the much highly anticipated line of Sanrio Chiffon Cakes was released in June — featuring well-loved characters such as My Melody — you’ll be glad to know that you can now make your own Little Twin Stars cake from the comfort of your own home too! In collaboration with the founder of Deco Chiffon Cakes, Susanne Ng, Sanrio has just launched its first-ever Little Twin Stars online baking class here in Singapore.

Little Twin Stars Chiffon Cake

In celebration of Little Twin Stars 45th Anniversary, the special collaboration will also feature a new flavour to its line — coconut chiffon cake, which is also a Singapore special flavour.

The online baking class will be launched from 26th August and will be available for 4 weeks at a special promo price of US$39.99. Not only is this class a fun family activity for you and your little ones, but you’ll also be able to master the art of perfecting the Little Twin Stars features and learn how to make your own DIY cutters!

The Little Twin Stars Little Rainbow Chiffon Online Baking Class, priced at US$39.99 (SGD$56) includes the following:

💫 Downloadable Recipe
💫 Downloadable Little Twin Stars template
💫 Unlimited streaming step-by-step tutorial video

Little Twin Stars Baking Class with Baking Kit and Mold, US$86.99 (SGD$118.79)

Alternatively, you can also opt for their other set, priced at US$86.99 (SGD$118.79) which comes with a Baking Kit and Mold for a more fuss-free baking experience. In this set you’ll find the following:

💫 Downloadable Recipe
💫 Unlimited streaming step-by-step tutorial video
💫 Printed Little Twin Stars templates
💫 Pre-weighted baking ingredients
💫 Baking equipment such as cookie cutters and piping bags
💫 Mold and baking cups
💫 Sanrio Gift Gate Voucher

Little Twin Stars Baking Class with Baking Kit and Mold, US$109.99 (SGD$153)

Last but not least, the special collaboration will also include a Complete Baking Kit, priced at US$109.99 (SGD$153), that comes with an additional Chiffon pan for Rainbow chiffon and food markers.


The Little Twin Stars Online Baking Class and Kits are available here.

Banner image courtesy of Susanne Ng & Deco Chiffon Cakes.