The Cellreturn K-Beauty LED Mask That’s Worth $2,600+, And Our Take On It

Admittedly, smooth, radiant skin is hard to come by. And though we might think including a few radiance-boosting serums would fix the bane of our anxieties, there are a few other options out there that might provide you with the help that you need. Enter LED Face Masks. At first mention, these skincare solutions can come across quite gimmicky with their marketing spiel and high price tags — but recent advances in face masks and skin treatments have seen a spike in new innovations, just like the ones by Cellreturn.

The next frontier of skincare presents LED Masks from the future. First established in 2008, Cellreturn is no newcomer to the industry and is apparently very well-known and loved in its birthplace, South Korea. With their star-studded lineup of ambassadors, the brand has seen the likes of Lee Min Ho, Sora Kang, Park Seo Joona and Yeom Jung Ah, fuelling the success and emergence of the brand’s products.

K-drama star, Lee Min Ho, using the Cellreturn LED Mask in The King: Eternal Monarch

Making its popular debut on The King: Eternal Monarch, K-drama star, Lee Min Ho, who played the role as Korean Emperor Lee Gon, was also seen using the mask in the series.

But before diving into the efficacy of this mask and if the mask is worth the buck, here are some of the few things you need to know about what it promises to do for your skin.

1. What Does It Do?

Comes with four different customisable modes. From left to right, Red, Blue, Pink, Fast Modes.

Basically, think of the LED mask as an at-home facial device that targets specific skin concerns with light therapy. This easy-to-use option offers four different modes for you to choose from to customise your facials with. These modes come with different light settings to target different skin concerns such as:

RED MODE: The red LED light helps to improve skin elasticity, collagen production, whitening, and remove blemishes (for ageing skin)
BLUE MODE: The blue LED light works to improve skin damage and is great for acne-prone skin (for troubled skin)
PINK MODE: The pink LED light helps to reduce scars on troubled skin after soothing (for problematic skin)
FAST MODE: The fast mode reduces the treatment time to 9 minutes (includes all three treatments)

As much as it may seem like a novelty, the mask does offer light-based skincare therapy, which is widely used in many skincare clinics and salons to amp up on your skincare regime. This is done by boosting the absorption of products and circulation, while accelerating tissue repair.

2. How To Use

Putting on the mask is pretty undemanding — considering how you have to simply strap it onto your head. Each treatment, including the Red, Blue, and Pink Mode, lasts for 20 minutes each, while the Fast mode, boasts a faster treatment time of 9 minutes. Obviously the latter would come in handy on days when you’re in a rush but you’re willing to set aside some time for your skin.

Upon strapping it on with their adjustable straps, you can start off your treatment immediately by placing your fingers at the top of the mask to switch it on and tap it again to change to the different modes accordingly.

In the set, it also comes with a pair of eye shields for your eyes of which you are highly encouraged to wear if you’re sensitive to light or if you feel any discomfort when using the product. The great thing about the eye shield is that it can also be adjusted to your face shape to conform to the curvature of your face for a more comfortable fit.

Now if you’re new to this skincare device, the brand also suggests easing slowly into the routine instead of using it every single day. Start off by using it for 5 minutes every other day, before increasing your frequency with 10 minutes, then 15 and lastly 20. This is especially crucial to note for those with sensitive skin as your skin is not accustomed to the light therapy that you’re exposing it to.

3. Is It Worth It?

Besides having to deal with the fact that I look like something out of a Marvel comic, or even something from the future, I would have to say that the hype about the mask is definitely valid.

First impressions-wise, I knew that this high-tech skincare device came with a hefty price tag that scaled on the higher end of the spectrum. However, for what it’s worth, the mask did make my complexion look a lot brighter after using it for a month. For someone in their 20s who still deals with her wavering hormones, breakouts every now and then have become a norm — not to mention, the lack of sleep every night from binge-watching my favourite Netflix series definitely did not do any good to my skin. Nevertheless, the inclusion of this mask into my skincare routine did help brighten my skin and reduce the inflammation of blemishes I had on my skin as well.

Of course, this is aside from the fact that you have to be really diligent about putting the mask on spending the next 20 minutes in that awkward sitting position — which brings about my next point.

Now let’s talk about the weight of this mask. Weighing around 690g, the Cellreturn LED Mask Premium is definitely heavy especially for those who aren’t used to wearing LED Masks. Wearing it can be uncomfortable at first, but it takes a few tries for you to find a comfortable position on your couch for you to rest your head. I’ve tried lying in bed on the back of my head while wearing the mask and it certainly wasn’t a pleasant experience considering how it weighs down on your face.

Overall, I would say this skincare device is definitely worth investing in if you’re looking to amp up on your regime — be it brightening your complexion or even to boost the absorption of your products. Undeniably, the price tag may be something worth considering, but if you’re looking to replace your in-house visits to your skincare clinics to get your dose of light therapy, this might be worth the buck.


The Cellreturn LED Mask Platinum ($2,646) is available on