Vans Celebrates The Simpsons In A Huge Collection Featuring Apparel, Footwear & Accessories

Vans celebrates the iconic Simpsons family in a brand new collaboration featuring colourful graphics across sneakers, shirts, hoodies, and accessories fit for any fan of the series. The animated sitcom celebrates 33 years on the air this year, with a whopping 31 seasons across a running total of 684 episodes. Whether you’ve been watching the cartoon all your life or you’ve just started bingeing the show recently, you’re bound to recognise some of the thematic motifs across the collection.

Vans x The Simpsons ComfyCush Slip On in Springfield
Vans x The Simpsons SK8 Hi in Mr Plow, Era in Itchy Scratchy

In a kitschy campaign featuring their iconic living room couch, we first see the family emblazoned across a series of apparel, plus a black and white Sk8-Hi with a typical rendition of the household on one side, and a cavemen variation of them on the other. With a signature blue and yellow checkerboard print, this is one pair to rock while representing the entire family.

Vans x The Simpsons Family Short sleeve, Sk8 Hi in 1987, 2020
Vans x The Simpsons Sk8 Hi in 1987, 2020

Individual character features are also seen across the collection, starting off with a bright red series displaying the rebellious Bart Simpson as his graffiti-tagging alter ego, El Barto. With a long-sleeve and a handy backpack focusing on his haphazard spray painting habit, we also see a black and red colour block Sk8-Low with a cheeky graffiti self-portrait of the character on the side, against a subtle brick wall detail.

Vans x The Simpsons SK8 Low in El Barto, El Barto Long sleeve

Of course, the collection also pays homage to Lisa Simpson, focusing on her passionate ambition to run for president. With wearable violet, blue and yellow pastels, this feminine side of the collection is certainly one for all aspiring Lisa Simpson-types to add to their collection. Featuring election-esque graphics all around, the liberal character is also displayed on a lavender Sk8-Hi, topped off with bright yellow laces.

Vans x The Simpsons SK8 Hi in Lisa4Prez
Vans x The Simpsons Fleece, SK8Hi, Tee, Hat, Fannypack in Lisa4Prez

Vans hasn’t missed out on their signature checkerboard pattern in a three-piece collection also revolving around the 8-year-old protagonist. In a white and bright yellow colourway representing her saxophone, we see a cute winking motif repeated across the checkers.

Vans x The Simpsons Check Eyes Tee, Backpack, Bucket Hat

While the rest of the collection continues to feature iconic characters from the series, the stars of the collection are most definitely the footwear. With bright renditions of the cartoon exhibited across each pair, including a special feature of Marge Simpson and her sisters, along with a green and orange pair displaying Moe’s Tavern regulars against it’s signature windowpanes, diehard Simpsons fans would definitely find a piece from the collection to add to their wardrobe.

Vans x The Simpsons Old Skool in The Bouviers, Old Skool in Moe’s
Vans x The Simpsons Slide On in Donut


Check out the entire collection below.

Vans x The Simpsons Apparel
Vans x The Simpsons Footwear
Vans x The Simpsons Accessories

The Vans x The Simpsons Collection will be available from August 7 at Prices TBA.